Is ‘Girl Camping’ the Next Internet Trend?

If you’ve been on the internet, you’ve probably seen the rise of “girl” content. In 2019, Megan Thee Stallion released her song “Hot Girl Summer,” which launched a number of online trends, including “Hot Girl Walks” and, most recently, “Girl Dinner.”

Though more often than not these “girls” are young women, the creation of “girl” content can feel like a safe space. Going to the gym can feel intimidating, but going on a hot girl walk with your favorite playlist or podcast seems like more fun. Sometimes, after a long day of classes or work, you don’t want to make a full meal, but a quick little “girl dinner” doesn’t seem that bad. These trends are by women for women, and they are generally a fun way to interact with other young women trying to figure out life, especially around the college and post-college years.

So what about camping?

We may have made up the term “girl camping” here at, but who knows, maybe it’ll become the next big internet trend encouraging young women to go for it. If camping sounds intimidating, but “girl camping” sounds exciting, here are some great women in the outdoor world paving the way for more women to get out there and go “girl camping.”

RVA Hiker Girl, Jacqueline (@rvahikergirl)

Jacqueline, also known as RVAHikerGirl on Instagram and YouTube, is a backpacker, hiker, and camper who documents her experiences, particularly for other women. Creating content about solo hiking trips, gear, and showing off the stunning views from her trips and stays, you’ll definitely find yourself running to your computer to book a camping trip to one of these beautiful locations. And really, who can blame you?

The PTO Nomad, Sharinda Williams (@theptonomad)

Her TikTok bio describes her best—Sharinda Williams is a content creator helping black and brown women “boldly” travel. The PTO Nomad explores the world during her paid time off and and announces special opportunities like sales on flights. She also provides other information for those interested in creating luxury travel experiences without blowing their entire budget on their stay and airfare. 

Kristyynmaire, Kristy (@Kristyynmarie)

Hailing from Arizona, Kristy is a travel content creator who posts inspiration and travel tips, all with stunning imagery that will make you want to book that flight ASAP. One look through her Instagram and you’ll be dying to get to the desert, forest, or beach with your closest friends for an adventure.

Abbyjoselyn, Abby (@Abbyjoselyn)

This van-life influencer has been documenting her travels throughout the United States in her van, nicknamed Juniper. She began this adventure after graduating college when she realized that she did not enjoy her chosen career path. If you’ve been feeling a little lost, let Abby give you a bit of inspiration—you don’t have to stay somewhere that you aren’t happy. And if you’re looking to try van life, now might be the time.

The.Wandering.Wilson, Danielle Wilson (@the.wandering.wilson)

Danielle Wilson is another van-life content creator who is currently on her way to Switzerland, according to her Instagram bio. Wilson often travels on her own and empowers other women to take on solo travel opportunities as well (though she knows the importance of sharing some moments with your loved ones). 

The.skoolie.teacher, Deyana (@the.skoolie.teacher)

Though similar to those partaking in van life, Deyana has gained a following by taking part in “girl camping” via her bus life, living in a converted school bus and teaching from it around the world. Though she is currently in the process of building her brand-new van (she sold her school bus a few weeks ago), her nomadic lifestyle will continue to inspire no matter what vehicle she’s based out of.