Investor Group Plans to Reinvent West Coast’s Pomona Show

Investor Group Plans to Reinvent West Coast’s Pomona Show

POMONA, Calif. – The annual Southern California RV Industry Show, once an industry staple, is returning to the Pomona Fairplex Oct. 25-29, according to Tom Gaither, spokesman for a group of investors behind the new venture billed as the 68th Annual Pomona RV Show.

“Not only is it a continuation of the yearly event, but it is also an opportunity to make a fresh start of the show based on input from customers, dealers and manufacturers,” said Gaither, who was formerly affiliated with the RV Industry Association’s Pomona show. “This is going to be a show spanning five days that will be marketed to the consumer focusing on their shopping experience.”

The plan is to have the major products segmented so all the motorized units will be in the same block, all the toy haulers in a separate block and so on, Gaither explained.

“This new format will allow the buying public to see all their targeted products in one area,” he added. ”The biggest frustration of customers at the major industry shows is searching out the campers they want to see. This should create a better buying experience for the customers and a level playing field for all manufacturers. There won’t be a good or bad location because all like products will be together.”

While more information is to be released in the next few weeks, inquiries are currently being referred to [email protected].