inTech to Unveil Reimagined Sol Eclipse at Tampa Show – RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

Leading the way in innovative all-aluminum products and solutions, inTech is set to introduce its newly reimagined Sol Eclipse at this year’s Florida RV SuperShow. The event will feature several new floor plans, showcasing the company’s commitment to cutting-edge designs and unmatched quality in the recreational vehicle industry.

Introduced back in November, the latest addition to the Flyer family, the all-new Flyer Forge, has already captured significant attention from dealers and consumers. With its larger tandem axle design and added wet bath, the Flyer Forge complements the adventure-ready Flyer line, catering to the growing interest in this product.

Excitement surrounds inTech’s spotlight on two new Sol products at the upcoming show. The Sol Dusk, released earlier this year, introduces an all-new twin bed configuration that seamlessly converts into a luxurious 80”x 80” oversized king bed or additional living space.

The highlight of the event will be the unveiling of the newly reimagined Sol Eclipse on Tuesday, Jan. 16. This innovative unit promises increased capacity, exciting new features, and expanded space for enhanced enjoyment. Central to the Sol Eclipse’s appeal is its spacious kitchen with panoramic window. This space boasts expansive countertops, adorned with premium materials, and provides an abundance of workspace for preparing delicious meals on the go. Imagine chopping fresh vegetables or sizzling up a gourmet breakfast with the breathtaking backdrop of rolling hills, majestic mountains, or serene lakes visible through the oversized window.

In addition, The Sol Eclipse stands out with its versatile bed/lounge area, allowing users to effortlessly transform the space based on their preferences – be it a relaxed lounge, twin beds, or a luxurious oversize king bed, a spacious dinette seating for up to 6 adults.

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the latest inTech offerings at the Florida RV Supershow, where inTech continues to push the boundaries of design, functionality, and quality.

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