‘Indy Star’ Publishes Controversial Report on RV Industry

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Indianapolis Star published an investigative report today (Oct. 19) that, according to the newspaper, took “a look at the grueling conditions RV workers endured as companies saw record sales and profits during the RV boom of the pandemic.”

Under the headline of “Untold stories behind Indiana’s RV boom: A punishing pace, safety issues and broken bodies,” the report interviewed a handful of former RV industry production line employees, whose criticisms were primarily along the lines of coping with their jobs’ frenetic pace and alleged pandemic-related practices.

Typically, we at RVBusiness aggregate excerpts of media reports concerning the RV industry. We have chosen not to in this case for several reasons, first and foremost that it is attempting to portray the entire industry based on the alleged anecdotes of a few disgruntled employees. Our purpose here is simply to make you, our reader, aware the report exists. Also, since the Indianapolis Star is owned by Gannett, we can expect to see the same report published by other Gannett-owned media entities over the next several days, as it was in the South Bend Tribune today.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/indianapolis-star-publishes-controversial-report-on-rv-industry/