Indiana RVing: Oak Lake RV Resort

Whether you’re looking for a place to stay on your way to somewhere else or you want to find a way to get away for a while in the great state of Indiana, we highly recommend stopping in at Oak Lake RV Resort. This lovely campground has everything one might need to have a fantastic stay, and we love it. 

Take an RV, head out for a few nights of tent camping, or rent a cabin. No matter which option you choose, we know you’ll have a wonderful time. The resort is open seasonally, from early April–late October.

Wondering what to expect from a stay at Oak Lake RV Resort? Here are all of our favorite things about the campground as well as a few tips for making the most of your stay. 

What We Love About Oak Lake RV Resort

First, let’s talk about what we love about this super fun campground. We’re guessing just reading these fantastic things about Oak Lake RV Resort will make you want to stay there. 

Great Stopover Location

First, we love the location of Oak Lake. No, it isn’t in the middle of a big city or just outside of a national park, but it is the ideal location to break up a long drive through a pretty empty area. Because the campground has plenty to do, there’s really no need for tons of attractions in order to have a wonderful time camping at this location. On top of that, because it is far from everything, it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Perfect for Families

As mentioned before, this campground is packed with things to do, making it an awesome place for families to get away and spend time together. A lovely lake offers swimming and fishing opportunities, a playground gives kids a place to run around, and a dog park allows pets to run off their energy. Best of all, the jumping pillow and inflatable water toys are sure to keep the kids (and kids at heart) entertained for hours on end. 

Plenty of Shade

When you’re camping during the sunny seasons in Indiana, finding ways to keep cool is crucial. This is true even if you’re in an RV, as RV air conditioners can’t always keep up if you’re parked in direct sunlight in the middle of the hot season. For this reason, the plentiful shade at Oak Lake RV Resort is a major bonus. Here, finding a shady spot to park in is a cinch, and you’re sure to stay nice and cool even on the hottest days. 

Large and Level Sites

Another thing that’s easy to find in this park? Large sites that’ll fit big rigs. This place has tons of enormous sites, so finding one for your rig won’t be a problem, no matter how big it is. To make this good thing even better, nearly every site is level, making setup a super easy task and leaving you more time to enjoy your camping experience. Of course, the full hookups are nice to have as well. 

Accommodating Staff

The amenities and features mentioned so far are all wonderful, but campground employees can make or break a camping trip. Fortunately, the staff at Oak Lake RV Resort is absolutely fantastic. They are helpful and accommodating, happy to do whatever they can to make your stay a great one. This alone earns the campground a good review in our book!

Tips for Visiting Oak Lake RV Resort

Now that you know all of the best things about Oak Lake, we’d like to offer a few tips to ensure you have the best time you possibly can during your visit to this awesome resort. 

Take What You Need

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a whole lot near this RV park. This means the pickings are slim when it comes to places to shop, and the Love’s Travel Stop down the road is your best bet when it comes to grabbing forgotten groceries. For this reason, it is important that you pack everything you might need during your getaway rather than relying on having a store to pick things up from once you get there.

Check the Activity Calendar 

In addition to all of the amazing amenities listed above, Oak Lake RV Resort also offers scheduled activities throughout the year. These activities are always family-friendly and are perfect for keeping the kids busy and happy. Be sure to check the activity calendar before you plan your trip, so you know what kinds of planned fun you can expect. 

Visit Fair Oaks Farm

While there aren’t many things to do near Oak Lake, there is one must-see attraction that the whole family is sure to enjoy: Fair Oaks Farm. This farm is recognized as the top agritourism destination in the Midwest and offers the perfect opportunity for hands-on learning about farming. Experience interactive exhibits, see newborn piglets, climb the ropes course, and so much more at this amazing farm-themed attraction.

Eat at the Farmhouse Restaurant 

Also at Fair Oaks Farm, the Farmhouse Restaurant is well worth visiting during your stay at Oak Lake RV Resort. This eatery serves up some of the best fried chicken you’ll ever taste in your life. When you’re done with your meal, be sure to finish it off with a scoop of fresh, farm-made ice cream. 

As you can see, Oak Lake RV Resort is a fantastic place to get away. We highly recommend stopping by next time you’re in the area, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read these reviews and find out what campers like you think!

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