How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Adorable Channel Islands’ Fox

Channel Islands National Park has the unique distinction of having its own species of fox. The island fox can only be found on the Channel Islands off the coast of California. Spotting one when you visit is easy as the species has become fairly relaxed around people. And as the island’s apex predator (for real), they’re bold enough to try and steal your lunch.

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Island foxes, on average, weigh only about four pounds and feed on bugs, berries, and any of the mice species found in the national park. 

Due to their limited range, officials have listed the species as threatened. 

The Channel Islands social media team recently shared this video:

In the clip, you see the island fox looking for food and eventually having a snack.

While they look cute, one thing you’ll notice when you arrive at this California national park is a sign warning you to watch your stuff. The island fox is known to steal food off tables. The animal will even grab items like shoes left outside a tent.

While keeping your distance from wildlife is good etiquette, these foxes will approach people very closely, including walking under tables while you eat. They almost seem like house cats. 

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Park rangers say they can bite, so you should be a little weary of the foxes. Wildlife officials vaccinated most of the foxes on the island against rabies. However, if a fox does bite someone, they do have to kill the animal and test them for the disease, so it’s best to keep your distance.

Keep an eye on your food and personal belongings. The park’s campground has food lockers, which should be used. 

Have you been to the Channel Islands and seen the island foxes?