How Helio RV Made Inroads in the North American RV Market

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Like many great ideas, Helio RV was born at the ice rink, according to a report by The Globe And Mail in Toronto, Canada.

Co-founders Jean-Roch Lacroix and Marco Leblanc would chat at the local arena as their children took figure skating lessons.

Mr. Lacroix grew up camping and was looking for a trailer so he could bring his children on the kind of adventures he enjoyed as a boy. Mr. Leblanc was a long-time entrepreneur looking for a new kind of adventure himself.

“We would chat every time we were at the arena,” Mr. Lacroix says. “My partner had a business for 30 years and he wanted to diversify and [work] with his son and create something new.”

Eventually, the friendly chats became serious discussions, market research and analysis and the three of them – Mr. Lacroix, Mr. Leblanc and his son, Jeremy Leblanc – launched Lavaltrie, Que.-based Helio RV in 2014.

“We wanted to have the smallest trailer that you can pull with a small SUV or electric car,” Mr. Lacroix says.

It’s a niche product in a very competitive and lucrative industry.

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