How Bedrock Sandals Changed the Look of Adventure Footwear

With the brand’s Resoul Program, Bedrock is uniquely positioned to collect user feedback when handling the resoling of their sandals, while simultaneously delaying worn out product from ending up in the landfill. “A lot of people in shoe companies never get to see the product once it’s been worn. We actually see how people use our stuff, and use that feedback to improve the design when and where we can Opalacz reminds us.

Though Bedrock still offers a version of its original design in the Classic LT, the Cairn Evo model sandals represent the apex of its unique design language, offering rugged capabilities packaged in a lightweight package, sitting proudly within a crowded space of outdoor adventure-friendly sandals.

With the addition of the brand’s first closed-toe model in the Mountain Clog, we know Bedrock is thinking beyond the confines of sandals. In the years to come, keep an eye out for a version of the Mountain Clog designed specifically for whitewater users and even footwear models designed for children. Only time—and the yet-to-be-found limits of Vibram—will tell what else.