Heybike Horizon e-Bike Review: Colorful, Comfortable, and Fun

The new Heybike Horizon delivers everything we’ve come to expect from the e-bike brand, with a few notable upgrades that help it stand out from the crowd. Those include eye-pleasing color schemes and a full-suspension setup, making it the most comfortable ride in the company’s catalog. But the addition of a second suspension also brings more weight, making this one of the beefier e-bikes we’ve ever tested.

Does the Horizon’s performance negate its heavier design? Read on to find out.

Heybike Horizon

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Colorful and Powerful

If you’ve read any of our previous reviews of Heybike e-bikes, you probably already have a good sense of how they perform. The brand is well known for offering a powerful motor paired with high-capacity battery packs to deliver outstanding pedal assist and zippy acceleration. In fact, the bikes can accelerate a little too quickly for inexperienced riders just getting accustomed to the capabilities of an electric bike. But after some time in the saddle, things start to even out quickly.

The Horizon features a brushless rear hub motor that produces up to 1200 watts of peak power. It is paired with a 692Wh removable battery pack, giving it a top speed of 28 MPH and a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge. As with any e-bike, that range varies depending on the level of pedal assist, the weight of the rider, and the type of terrain being ridden. During our testing, we were able to routinely get 40-45 miles of range from the bike, even while riding steep hills and in colder conditions.

One of the features that differentiates the Horizon from other Heybike models is its colorful design. In the case of our test model, those colors included a blend of orange and red hues designed to evoke mental images of a sunset. And while those colors don’t impact performance in any way, they sure make the bike look great. So much so that we regularly received compliments on its design from other riders we passed on the trail or encountered in the parking lot. The eye-catching paint certainly turns heads and looks lovely.

Heybike Horizon

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Full-suspension Comfort

As noted above, one of the signature features of the Horizon is its full-suspension design—a first for Heybike. In addition to having a suspension built into its front fork, a second one is integrated into the frame just below the seat. The two components work in conjunction with one another to remove all of the jarring and jostling that comes from riding over bumps, cracks, and other obstacles. The result is a smoother, more comfortable ride that is less taxing on the body. It even helps eliminate fatigue and soreness on longer rides.

Having ridden several other Heybike models in the past, the inclusion of the second suspension was immediately noticeable on our test rides. The bike is incredibly comfortable, both on and off the pavement. And while it isn’t exactly designed for technical mountain bike trails, it feels great on the tarmac, gravel, mud, dirt, and sand. The bike’s excellent fat tires also lend a hand on those various surfaces, creating stability, confidence, and comfort.

The full-suspension setup does come at a cost, however. The extra componentry adds weight, pushing the Horizon to a hefty 79.4 pounds. That’s relatively heavy, even by e-bike standards. Fortunately, it isn’t especially noticeable when riding, but you will feel it when loading or unloading the bike from a vehicle or bike rack. And like Heybike’s other models, the Horizon is foldable, allowing it to be stored or transported in a smaller space. But its added bulk works against it in this regard, making it more challenging to fold and move around.

Heybike Horizon

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Smooth Operator

If you don’t mind the extra weight—or just want a comfier ride—the Horizon definitely delivers. Out on the road, it offers an incredibly smooth riding experience, rolling over bumps and obstacles with ease. The full-suspension system does its job admirably, and riders experiencing it for the first time will love what it brings to the table.

As with Heybike’s other e-bikes, the hub drive system provides plenty of power for cruising along at consistent speeds and climbing steep hills. Riders can elect to use pedal assist or a thumb-activated throttle mounted on the handlebars. We found the throttle to be a bit more responsive, particularly when starting from a complete stop. But the pedal assist works very well, too, allowing cyclists to use as much or as little effort as they like.

Most of the Horizon’s components are best described as “adequate.” It does utilize a Shimano seven-speed derailleur for its gears, but it is a budget model befitting the bike’s price point. The frame, forks, tires, and other cycling equipment are solid, if not outstanding. Heybike’s standard LCD screen is easy to read and understand, giving riders all the info they need at a glance. It is clear that most of the development budget went into the hub drive, battery, and other e-bike elements rather than the bike components that most riders won’t take much notice of anyway.

Heybike Horizon

Photo Credit: Heybike

Great Value

If you’re in the market for an e-bike this spring, the Horizon offers a lot of value for the money. Priced at $1,999 (and currently discounted by $500 off that price), it is the most expensive model that Heybike offers. That’s mainly due to its full-suspension design, which requires more components and a different level of engineering. But for buyers looking for the ultimate in comfort and approachability, it’s hard to top this model.

As already mentioned, the main tradeoff for a full-suspension bike is the added weight. The Horizon is still incredibly fun to ride and offers excellent performance, but it can be a bit ponderous to move around, especially if you have to lift it into a vehicle or onto a bike rack. It is also very unwieldy in its folded configuration, which may cause buyers to use that feature sparingly.

If you don’t mind the extra weight, the Horizon is an e-bike that offers outstanding all-around performance and comfort. It has excellent power, reliable range, and a solid list of components. All at a price that won’t break the bank or give you buyer’s remorse. On the contrary, you’ll be so busy having so much fun that you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase a Heybike sooner.

To learn more about the Heybike Horizon, visit the company’s website.

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