Haugen RV a ‘Diverse Collection of Top Tier Dealerships’


There aren’t many experiences in life that are as enjoyable and wholesome as driving out to a campground or the middle of nowhere with your loved ones and camping in the wilderness, according to a report by InTouchWeekly.com. Experiences like this are becoming rarer, especially considering how our culture is making a shift towards a totally digital society. What happened to family weekend camping trips and deep face-to-face conversations?

While the companies that care more about their profit than your well-being would try to convince you that these experiences are things of the past, Haugen RV Group stands out among the crowd. This company values freedom, adventure, and most importantly, the customer, branding itself as a unique RV group with a whole lot to offer.

Haugen RV Group isn’t your average RV dealership; it is a diverse collection of top-tier RV dealerships currently located in three different states: Utah, Oregon, and Missouri. Eight RV dealerships belong under the Haugen RV Group name. In Utah, there is the Legacy RV dealership in Salt Lake City and the Castle Country RV dealership in Logan and Helper. In Oregon, they have three Funtime RV dealership locations in Tualatin, Klamath Falls, and Sandy. Last but not least, in Missouri, there are two more Legacy RV dealerships, the Bonne Terre and Festus dealerships.

Despite its start only four short years ago in 2018, the company already has nearly 200 employees, and that number is rising continuously. Instead of a mass market big RV brand, they are known to their customers as a family of RV dealerships that prioritizes the customer experience and relationships with employees, vendors, and manufacturers.

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Source: https://rvbusiness.com/haugen-rv-a-diverse-collection-of-top-tier-dealerships/