Harvest Hosts Seeks ‘AleBlazer’ to Design Ultimate Ale Trail

VAIL, Colo. – Harvest Hosts, a membership program offering RVers access to unique RV camping options, today announced it is hiring its first ever AleBlazer. The company will pay the new hire to drink beer and camp out in a decked out RV, while checking out some of the coolest microbrews across the country.

Harvest Hosts recently exceeded 500 Hosts within its growing brewery and distillery category – joining a network of over 7,000 Harvest Hosts locations across North America spanning wineries, farms, museums and more. As part of the position, Harvest Hosts will pay one dedicated RVer to travel across the country, visiting all 500+ brewery and distillery Hosts and sharing their experience, while plotting the ultimate beer lover’s road trip. Harvest Hosts will provide the RV (or expense stipend for anyone with their own), comped beverages, a daily stipend and of course a lifetime Harvest Hosts membership for this epic adventure.

“Harvest Hosts’ goal is to encourage people to live their best lives through travel – getting off the couch and onto the open road, while also discovering and supporting small businesses along the way,” says Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts. “We’re excited for our AleBlazer to discover unique experiences, meet our Hosts and curate a route our members throughout North America can get excited about, ultimately reaching a wider demographic of potential RVers.”

Over the last few years, breweries have had to find creative new ways to generate revenue as they face rising costs and continuing supply chain snarls related to everything from grain to cans to CO2. Hundreds of breweries and distilleries have joined Harvest Hosts’ network of alternative camping solutions and are seeing the impact of being part of this unique program. Our AleBlazer will be expected to uphold Harvest Hosts’ mission of uplifting small businesses across North America as they embark on this scenic journey.

Jester King Brewery, a craft brewery located in the hill country outside of Austin, Texas, is one of network’s most popular brewery host locations. They have built out a variety of outdoor activities and experiences for patrons, including an on-site inn, hiking trails, pasture land for goats, and a peaceful site for RVers with Harvest Hosts to stay the night.

“The Harvest Hosts Members are the best part of the program – they are low maintenance guests for us, and we have had great experiences hosting them and hearing about their travel adventures. The reviews we receive from Members are always about how much they have enjoyed learning about the different beers from our staff, exploring the grounds and of course the goats!” said Jennifer Harlan, Innkeeper at Jester King Brewery.

All U.S. residents over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license and passion for road trips and beer are eligible to apply. To apply to be Harvest Hosts AleBlazer, applicants must share 2-3 photos or videos of their experience tasting beer and taking road trips and one paragraph detailing their road trip designing abilities. To apply, visit Harvest Hosts or LinkedIn.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/harvest-hosts-seeks-aleblazer-to-design-ultimate-ale-trail/