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TAMPA, Fla. – TRA Certification, Inc. has announced the Green Certification of Gulf Atlantic Cottages. These units have earned the Silver level of certification! “Gulf Atlantic Cottages are built with sustainability in mind by a company with nearly two decades of experience building eco-friendly residential homes!

These park models are manufactured with the mindset of being Resource Efficient and reducing waste. Quartz countertops bring in a natural element that offers durability. Although very little waste is produced during construction, jigs are used to reduce waste and scraps are reused for other purposes. Gulf Atlantic Cottages also collaborates with suppliers that offer components with sustainable features and often those companies are ISO 9001 (Quality), or ISO 14001 (Environmental) Certified!

Gulf Atlantic Cottages address Energy Efficiency by utilizing LED lighting, incorporating ductless heating and cooling! By utilizing an energy-efficient mini-split HVAC system along with enhanced windows and insulation, these park models are not needing to work overtime to stay warm/cold!

Being Water Efficient is also a priority for Gulf Atlantic Cottages! By including water efficient bath & kitchen water fixtures, these units are savoring each precious drop of water!

Gulf Atlantic Cottages considers Indoor Air Quality when constructing their units. Low-VOC wallboards and non-emitting flooring & paint help keep these units free of air-pollutants.

Gulf Atlantic Cottages is enthusiastic about crafting exquisite park models that redefine the concept of comfortable and stylish living. As a new and visionary company in the industry, they bring a fresh perspective to the world of Park Model homes! For more information on Gulf Atlantic Cottages, visit

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