Good Samaritan Saves Choking Raccoon in Viral Video

Someone give Bill Boski an award. In a viral video taken by a friend, Boski saves a choking raccoon’s life by patting it on the back with just the right amount of force. Watching Boski give a modified Heimlich maneuver to a raccoon is entertaining, but listening to his celebration after the animal coughs up whatever it was choking on is possibly the best part.

In the video, Boski gives the raccoon several medium-force smacks on the back. Someone in the group encourages him to go lower on the raccoon’s back. That does the trick, and the raccoon makes a guttural sound as it projectile spits out the offensive item.

Once Boski realizes the raccoon is okay, he backs away from the animal and yells: “I saved his life! Let’s go! You’re not gonna die on my watch!”

His friends go nuts, too, everyone stunned that it actually worked.

Watch a man save a chocking raccoon here:

Apparently, before someone whipped out the camera and started recording, the situation was even more dramatic. Boski’s friend John said 30 seconds before the start of the video he posted to Instagram, the raccoon was standing on its hind legs and swaying back forth “really struggling.”

Kudos to Boski for stepping in and saving the day.