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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the December 2023 Quarterly Update from Go RVing Canada, which is designed to keep members up-to-date with what’s happening at Go RVing Canada.

A Snapshot of Go RVing Canada in 2023

As we approach year’s end, it’s time to harness the momentum from this year’s successes and start channeling it into strategic planning for another dynamic year ahead. Before we dive into our plans for 2024, continue reading for an update on Go RVing Canada’s ongoing initiatives and accomplishments since our last update.

This summer, we reinvigorated our experiential marketing program engaging audiences across the nation. Through these curated immersive experiences we were able to funnel individuals from mere awareness to consideration, creating tangible connections through firsthand experiences with the RV lifestyle.

Key among our achievements this year is the completion of our four-part episodic series, Bryan Baeumler’s Roadhouse. Set for release in early 2024, this collaboration marks a strategic leap forward, jumpstarting our marketing efforts and setting the tone for an impressive start to the year.

Our website continues to be the go-to resource for RV enthusiasts nationwide, driving traffic and serving as a content-rich destination for all things RVing. Marked by a 10% overall KPI growth and notable spikes in engagement, it’s clear that RVing remained at the forefront of Canadian’s minds this year. Evolving our strategies, we’re primed to restructure our website to remain a cutting-edge source of inspiration and information and meet our audience’s ever-evolving needs.

Remember: Resources from the Go RVing Canada Dealer Tie-In Program are available to all employees at your dealership, so be sure to forward this newsletter to your marketing department. To get your colleagues signed up for Dealer Tie-in portal access, click here.

2023/24 RV Shows: Expanded content and integrations

As you gear up for the planning of your 2024 RV shows, Go RVing Canada has already begun strategically planning our support to elevate your events and boost attendance.

Building on the success of our 2023 RV show campaign, which achieved an outstanding 6.5 million impressions, driving nearly 50,000 clicks collectively, our aim this year is to not only meet but exceed these targets with our RV show marketing campaign. Keep an eye on your social accounts leading up to the 2024 RV show season as we plan to incorporate more organic social components into our marketing strategy, including dealer-centred educational content.

Anticipate more updates from us in the early new year with more information about the integration of Go RVing Canada’s campaigns and presence at your shows. This includes opportunities to leverage our Bryan Baeumler’s Roadhouse series to amplify our RV show engagement and marketing efforts.

Dealer Tie In Program: Fueling inspiration for your next marketing campaign

Explore all the resources that Go RVing Canada’s Dealer Tie-In Program has to offer as you gear up for your 2024 marketing initiatives. What are the benefits? Joining this free program gives you full access to our library of high-quality RV lifestyle imagery and videos for all of your marketing needs – whether for larger marketing campaigns, social media content, print and digital ads, and more! Via our Find a Dealer tools on our website we directed over 250,000 Canadian consumers to dealers’ websites and an addition 70,000 listings sent out via our popular dealer email tool. Some dealer’s reported receiving over 1,000 direct referrals to their websites from our search pages.

You can also take your marketing to the next level by upgrading your membership to the Premiere level. Premiere Tie-In members can take advantage of unique benefits, including premiere dealer listings that increase traffic to your dealerships’ page by an estimated 500%. Launching in 2024, we’re partnering with Premiere Program members across Canada to create dealer-focused content with our roster of content creators across the country. By joining our Premiere Program, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your content ideas to life and amplify your dealership’s presence in new and creative ways. Contact us to upgrade your membership to the Premiere level.

Go RVing Canada Website + Digital Review: 2023 digital successes inspiring growth

In our mission to remain the go-to resource for all things RVing in Canada, our digital efforts and website have been instrumental in our success this year. Our 2023 IPSOS study revealed that our website holds the highest level of awareness compared to our competitors – a staggering 42% of people surveyed were aware of gorving.ca, well beyond our next closest competitor at only 27% awareness. This statistic underscores the success of our digital strategies and initiatives as well as sets a benchmark for our efforts moving forward.

In 2023, we continued to refine our digital strategies to help drive traffic to key sections of our website, helping usher consumers through the conversion funnel. Notable highlights include 21% increase in visits to our Affordability Tool, 14% increase in our RV Matchmaker Tool and 9% increase in visits to our RV Dealer Directory. In addition to the surge of engagement across our english digital ecosystem, we also witnessed a significant leap in traffic to liberte-en-vr.ca which saw an impressive 21% increase. However, as we review the achievements and performance metrics of 2023, it’s important to recognize that maintaining this upward trajectory requires a transformation of our current website.

We’re excited to break ground on the development of our new website in early 2024. This isn’t just a mere upgrade – this transformation will allow us to cater to our consumer’s evolving expectations and incorporate technological advancements that will maintain Go RVing Canada as the primary destination for all things RVing.

Events & Partnerships: Immersive experiences & Bryan Baeumler’s Roadhouse

In 2023, we engaged with nearly 100,000 individuals in just 12 days, generated 25.5 million impressions across six events nationwide through our experiential marketing (XM) program.

Through our efforts we delivered immersive experiences tailored to diverse markets, incorporating contesting, key partnerships – such as our collaboration with celebrity chef Chuck Hughes – and of course, showcased diverse units at every activation allowing Canadians to have firsthand experiences with the RV lifestyle.

A standout event for us was Drive Festival in Ontario, where we directly addressed a key barrier in the RV lifestyle – drivability – by executing a tactical activation and conducted over 100 RV test drives for guests. As with all events, we leverage the event for content creation opportunities by developing an influencer marketing campaign that documented individual’s experiences driving an RV for the first time. Additional content will be strategically launched in 2024 in conjunction with our RV shows at the beginning of the upcoming season, further amplifying our outreach and impact.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler, we’ve embarked on a monumental project aimed at enriching our how-to content in a four-part episodic series Bryan Baeumler’s Roadhouse. Targeting those exploring RV ownership and recent RV owners, this series covers an array of essential RV topics like driving and parking, trip planning, RV interior design and more.

Though yet to launch officially, early indicators such as Bryan’s social media traction with over 250,000 organic views highlight the series’ resonance with our audience and potential impact. Our 2024 marketing strategy will encompass a public relations campaign, contesting, social media amplification, paid media, and integration into RV shows nationwide. Stay tuned!

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