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Campground Reviews: Grayton Beach State Park In Florida

RVing at Grayton Beach State Park is one of Florida’s best campground experiences. This is a pretty small RV park, but it puts you in a great location for outdoor activities. 

Grayton Beach is one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, and this campground also puts you in close proximity to Western Lake. No matter what type of activity you prefer, you can find a good place to do it in Grayton Beach State Park. 

The campground/RV park here isn’t too special by itself, but the location is everything. Below, we’ll explore some campground details, the provided amenities, and some ways you can spend your time in this area. If you’re tired of touristy Florida and want to connect to the natural parts of the state, this could be a good place to set up camp.

Camping at Grayton Beach State Park

The Grayton Beach State Park Campground is located at 357 Main Park Rd, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. The park itself covers nearly 2,000 acres. Of course, it’s hard to cover this much ground during your stay, but you have no shortage of options.

The campground has 59 RV sites, and all of them have hookups for electricity, water, and sewage. There are 30-amp and 50-amp hookups available for electricity. The maximum allowed RV length is 40 feet, but this is usually plenty of room for most RVs and motorhomes. Most site types are back-ins, so plan accordingly.

The RV sites are made from compacted gravel, and there is a decent amount of space between each site. You can enjoy the natural setting of this campground. There is also a good amount of foliage, but not too much! Most RV sites will enjoy a nice mixture of sun and shade. 

The pricing is also very reasonable when you stay here. Each camper can only stay for a maximum of 14 days, but this is plenty for most travelers. A $5 pass gets you into the state park, but you do need to pay for the site separately. Reserving a site for one night will usually cost between $30-$40, so it’s a nice affordable campground. 

Grayton Beach State Park is pretty popular and sites/cabins are often booked far in advance. If you’d like to check availability or reserve a campsite, visit their website at reserve.floridaparks.org.

Grayton Beach Campground amenities 

In terms of amenities, this campground is pretty simple. It has the type of amenities you would expect from a nice campground, rather than an upscale resort. You’ll be comfortable here, but it’s not exactly a 5-star hotel! For a lot of people, this is quite nice though.

For starters, guests can enjoy access to the campground’s restrooms and showers. These are clean and well-maintained, so you can stay fresh and clean when you set up camp here. After all, sometimes RV bathrooms can get a bit cramped, especially if multiple people are trying to get ready at the same time. The extra space of the campground bathrooms will be a definite relief!

The park also features fire pits at each campsite and a pavilion that can be reserved for large gatherings. If you have a boat or love kayaking/paddleboarding, you’re also in luck. The Grayton Beach State Park provides a canoe/kayak launch point, as well as a boat ramp. Western Lake is a popular destination for watersports, and you can enjoy all sorts of activities here. 

The RV park also grants guests access to a nature trail, interpretive exhibit, and miles of pristine beaches. Your pets are also welcome here. Just make sure you keep an eye on them so they won’t disturb wildlife or your fellow campers. 

The amenities are fairly basic, but the location is hard to beat! You’ll have access to the great outdoors without driving a single mile. There are lots of ways to spend your time when you camp here, so let’s explore some of the options below. 

Activities and attractions in Grayton Beach 

The main reason to stay at the RV park is to get right into the heart of Grayton Beach State Park. This is an absolutely gorgeous area that has been well-maintained by the state. There are all kinds of plants and animals that live here, so this is a wonderful place to spot wildlife. Birdwatching, fishing, and wildlife hikes are very popular in this area. 

The beaches are another major attraction. The Gulf Coast has always been a popular spot for travelers and campers, and this is no exception. You can swim in the ocean, go beachcombing, or just walk across the sandy expanse and take in the view. The sunsets are absolutely stunning here.

Hiking is another pastime you can try. There are a variety of nature trails and hikes in this park and you can use them to explore the area. Western Lake is a central feature that attracts watersport enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. 

You’re not limited to the park if you camp here though. If you venture just outside the borders, you can explore other attractions in the area. A ton of other state parks are at your fingertips, including Eden Gardens, Topsail Hill Preserve, and Henderson Beach. 

You can also explore the Harborwalk Marina, Fusion Art Glass, Destin History and Fishing Museum, and other local attractions. Good food is also on the menu! Lots of tourists means lots of dining options. Some of the best restaurants in the area include:

  • Blue Mabel
  • Bayou Bill’s Crab House
  • Chanticleer Eatery
  • Crackings
  • Stinky’s Fish Camp
  • Grayton Seafood
  • The Red Bar
  • Chiringo


Fresh seafood is always on the menu, but you have lots of options for dining when you camp at Grayton Beach State Park. 

Grayton Beach Campground reviews

Although this campground may sound a bit underwhelming, it has been consistently popular with guests. The natural setting and handy amenities have turned this into a highly favorited park on RV LIFE Campground Reviews

The overall score is 8.3/10, which is impressive considering the high number of reviews. Guests complimented the clean campsites, beautiful setting, and ideal location. A few complaints were brought up though. For instance, some of the roads were rough, and there were some issues with insects. Make sure you bring bug spray if you camp here!

Overall this park has been a big hit with guests. If you’d like to read more feedback from visitors, check out the park page on RV LIFE Campground Reviews.

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