Get Ready to ‘Circumnavigate’ with the Best Podcast Episodes Featuring Bear Grylls and Coyote Peterson

This October, you can travel the world with the launch of the new podcast “Circumnavigate.” The show will feature adventurers and athletes sharing stories from their expeditions. Plus, two big-name outdoor leaders will host the show, as Coyote Peterson, a wildlife educator and host of Brave Wilderness, will join Bear Grylls, survivalist and host of Man vs. Wild and Running Wild.

While Circumnavigate will be their first podcast as hosts, neither adventurer are new to the podcast world. Grylls and Peterson have both made dozens of appearances on other shows, tackling a variety of subjects.

Here is a look at some of the best episodes you can check out before the premiere of “Circumnavigate.”

Bear Grylls

“Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle” Episode 158 

Your Last Meal is a show focused on celebrity guests explaining what their “last meal” would be. For Bear Grylls, a survivalist known for eating bugs and other stomach-churning things to stay alive, you have to wonder what he would choose as a final bite to eat. In the show, Bear goes into surprising things he’s had to eat. However, he also discusses what he prefers to eat.

“Literally! With Rob Lowe” Bear Grylls: The Green Monkey

Playing off his character from Parks and Rec, actor Rob Lowe’s podcast focuses on casual conversations with celebrity guests. When Bear steps by, the two discuss pushing through fear, whether that’s an everyday challenge or in a survival situation. Bear also shares his respect for Mother Nature and stories from past adventures.

“Stay Free with Russell Brand”

On this year’s Running Wild: The Challenge, Bear featured British comedian Russell Brand. The two may seem like an unlikely pair, but the two form a friendship in the episode. You can learn more about that in this episode of Brand’s podcast, which discusses the episode of Running Wild and some behind-the-scenes stories. Of course, the two also discuss everything from appreciating men and women who serve to how to survive the apocalypse. 

Coyote Peterson

“Wild Ride! With Steve-O!” Season 1 Episode 41

If there’s someone who can endure pain like Coyote Peterson does stings and bites from wild animals, it’s probably Steve-O. The comedian best known as a member of Jackass has made a whole career out of getting hurt. Peterson, on the other hand, uses his pain for education. However, the two find common ground when discussing some of their most intense moments. 

“Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter” Most Painful Animals ft. Coyote Peterson

Macrodosing is a podcast focused on deep dives into conspiracy theories, history and more. When Coyote Peterson stops by, the conversation focuses on the most painful animal bites and stings. Peterson obviously has a wealth of knowledge on this topic. Besides that, Peterson shares some of his background and how he used YouTube to grow his brand. He also shares a list of his favorite reptiles. 

“Meetings Today Podcast”

When you think about naturalists and the outdoors, Columbus, Ohio, probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. However, that is what Peterson has called home for years. Columbus is where Peterson and his team have grown their own media company focused on wildlife education. In this podcast, Peterson shares some behind-the-scenes that have led him to become a successful entrepreneur and made him a big name in conservation.

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