Gerber Gear Now Makes Everything You Need for a Campsite Kitchen

Visit any outdoor gear store and you’re bound to find a host of Gerber products, from camp hatchets and fixed blade survival knives to multi-tools. Now, 85 years into biz, the Oregon-based manufacturer is reconnecting with its roots in an unexpected place—the kitchen. In the early days, Gerber sold sets of kitchen knives to Abercrombie & Fitch back when that company was a renowned outdoor outfitter. Times change, and so do brands. With the new Gerber ComplEAT cookware line though, we see the best of modern design inspired by the age-old experience of cooking under the stars.

The new collection’s name is a fairly literal read on how all-encompassing it is. The core of the line is in the ComplEAT Cook Set ($200), a 16-piece, group trip-oriented nesting doll made up of a 5.6-quart stainless steel stock pot, 2.6-quart stainless steel saute pan and lids for both, plus four plates, four bowls, and a mixing bowl.

Campers will have seen stacking sets like this before, but Gerber adds extra nice-to-haves with a detachable handle and silicone hot pad. It all stacks into an 11 by 7.5-inch unit that fits inside an included carry bag.