Free and Untethered: Toyota Bringing Hitchless Towing to Life

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Towing without a hitch? With today’s leaps in technology, it’s not science fiction. The concept is real, and Toyota is once again leading the way, according to a company release. 

Hitch ball attachments, safety chain connections and vehicle weight calculations have been reimagined and with Toyota’s new hitchless towing innovation — which is precisely what it sounds like — the limitations of towing may one day be a thing of the past.    

How does towing without a hitch work? “It basically allows two vehicles to play follow the leader,” said Paul Fanson, senior manager of Toyota Motor North America Research & Design’s (TMNA R&D) Advanced Product Planning Office. “So the lead vehicle would be driven by a human. The follow vehicle would naturally follow behind as a trailer would, but there would be no physical connection.” 

That’s right — no physical connection.  

Toyota’s revolutionary hitchless towing system is in the initial test phase, with test runs in highway and urban traffic settings on the horizon. So, stay tuned, because a bold new era of untethered mobility is just up ahead.    

Want to learn more about how TMNA R&D is innovating to stay ahead of the industry with its groundbreaking hitchless towing technology? Take a closer look in the video above.