FM02: WINTER Is Here! Our Second Film Photo Zine Is Now Live

Front cover photo by Japanese contributor Atsushi Ash Hirano and back cover featuring a self portrait by long time contributor James Barkman. As with SUMMER, Kiana Toossi of Holiday Studio is behind the design of WINTER.

WINTER features the photography of past, present, and future Field Mag contributors, including: Alex Hinson, Ali Boab, Anne Hollowday, Atsushi Ash Hirano, Austen Sweetin, Brad Baldwin, Bryan Fox, Caitlin Fullam, Caley Vanular, Carmel Notley, Christie Fitzpatrick, Elias Carlson, Emily Sullivan, Evan Green, Francois Lebeau, Graham Hiemstra, Hunter Gawne, Ian Durkin, Jade Stephens, Jaka Bulc, Jake Tovar, James Barkman, James Joiner, Joel Hypponen, Joseph Jimenez, LeAnna Simmons, Maddie Hayes, Mark McInnis, Matt Stieb, Natalie Allen Carrasco, Nathanael Araso, Tanner Bowden, Taylor Davis, Taylor Grayson, and Tiffanie Yang.