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We’ve watched the nature of camping, RVing and “roughing it” evolve steadily over the years, growing to encompass increasingly luxurious vehicles meant to explore the world while offering the comforts of home and beyond, according to an article at NewAtlas.com.

With the help of legendary design firm Pininfarina, Silicon Valley startup AC Future time-travels ahead to show exactly how that evolution will continue into the future. A luxurious residence that grows to make even the most unfamiliar and inhospitable slices of land feel like a designer downtown apartment, the Electric Transformer House (eTH) is a powerful off-grid RV that harmonizes the worlds of physical and digital interconnectivity.

AC Future introduced itself to the world at CES 2024 this month, where it also held the eTH’s virtual reality (VR) debut. The concept vessel aspires to be more than a basic RV, taking on the roles of off-grid retreat, complementary residential extension and workplace, and scenic tour bus.

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