EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 Power Station Review: The Best Gets Better

When EcoFlow first introduced the original Delta Pro power station a few years back, it was a revelation. Although it was heavier and pricer than just about anything else on the market, it also offered unprecedented storage capacity and power output. This made it one of the first options for those looking for a lithium battery-based solution to power their homes and made it a game changer for anyone who needed copious amounts of energy at a remote location.

Fast-forward to today, and the Delta Pro has just received a major update, increasing its capabilities in some key ways. The all-new EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 takes everything we love about the original model and adds even more storage capacity, power output, and expandability. That makes it the perfect option for use at home, at a job site, in an RV, or anywhere that requires lots of power on the go.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 review

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The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 by the Numbers

At the heart of the Delta Pro 3 is a state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate battery pack that blends safety, energy density, longevity, and weight into one package. This type of power cell has become the norm in most modern power stations in part because it is far less likely to catch fire compared to older models and has a much longer lifespan. EcoFlow says its latest unit is good for 4000+ recharge cycles, which is enough to power it every day for 11 years. It gets bonus points for earning an IP65 dust and water resistance rating, too.

That same battery offers a storage capacity of 4096Wh, which, when combined with its 4000W output, allows it to power just about anything you can plug into it. The power station includes four 120V/20A AC home outlets, two standard USB-A fast-charging ports, and two USB-C 100W PD ports. It also has a 240V/16.7A high-capacity outlet for powering heavy-duty home appliances and a dedicated NEMA TT-30R port specifically for powering an RV. You won’t find very many other power stations on the market that offer that option.

All of those ports and battery capabilities allow the Delta Pro 3 to power a residential refrigerator for up to three days, a microwave for more than two hours, or an air conditioner for over three hours. Its capacity is so great that it is overkill for charging smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but rest assured, it is more than capable of keeping those devices running for days on end.

If those out-of-the-box capabilities aren’t enough for you, the Delta Pro 3 power station includes plug-and-play compatibility with EcoFlow’s external expansion battery packs and can be combined in parallel with two other Delta Pro models. This allows the unit to increase its storage and output capacity up to a staggering total of 48kWh. That’s enough to power an entire home for two to four days, depending on the appliances, HVAC, and devices used. We weren’t able to test a system of that size, of course, but considering EcoFlow has offered similar options longer than pretty much any of the competition, we feel confident that it delivers the performance levels advertised.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 review

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Fast and Easy Charging

While the Delta Pro 3’s power output is outstanding, its charging capabilities are equally impressive. That’s because this power station can accept up to 7000W of input with a fast-charging capacity that can take it from completely empty to an 80% charge in less than 50 minutes. Considering the size of its battery, that is surprisingly fast. It also means that should you fully deplete its power cells, the device won’t be out of commission for very long.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Delta Pro 3 supports charging via seven unique methods. That’s more than any other power station we’ve ever tested. Those options include a 120V AC wall outlet, a 12V vehicle port, a gas generator, and even an EV charging station. The unit can also be charged using EcoFlow’s proprietary Smart Home Panel 2 or its new 800W Alternator Charger. And of course, the power station supports solar charging as well, accepting up to a whopping 2600W of clean energy from the sun. Better still, several of these charging solutions can be combined together to quickly and safely replenish the battery at a pace that no other power station model can match.

During our testing, we witnessed the Delta Pro 3’s fast-charging capabilities firsthand. Normally, we would expect a power station of this size to require a minimum of three to four hours to recharge using a home power outlet alone. But our test model routinely took half that time or even less. Connecting solar panels gained equally impressive results, although, as usual, variables like cloud cover, shade, and the movement of the sun can directly impact those charging rates.

One of the Delta Pro 3’s many strengths is its versatility in charging. Because the power station can be recharged in so many ways, owners will find it much easier to keep it juiced up while on the go. That said, if we were using it in an RV or a camper van, we’d definitely invest in EcoFlow’s efficient Alternator Charger. This supplies the unit with a steady flow of power while driving, ensuring you arrive at the campsite with a full battery every time.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 review

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Size and Weight

Of course, all of these technical capabilities come at a price—both literally and figuratively. Like its predecessor, the Delta Pro 3 is a heavy beast, which limits its portability somewhat. The power station weighs 114 lbs., making it a challenge to lift or carry very far. It is so heavy that it is a stretch to call it “portable” at all. Especially since one of its primary use cases is as a backup power system at home.

Fortunately, EcoFlow has equipped the power station with rugged wheels and a heavy-duty telescoping handle. This makes it much easier to move around, both at home and while traveling. But lifting the device definitely requires plenty of muscle, even if you’re just moving it from a trunk or cargo compartment to the ground. This isn’t much of an issue if you plan to keep it permanently plugged in at home or as part of an RV power solution, but moving it around a campsite or job site requires some effort.

At 27.3” x 13.4” x 16.1”, the Delta Pro 3 is roughly the same size as EcoFlow’s earlier model. The new unit does have a sleeker design that looks modern and elegant, easily blending into its environment without calling much attention to itself. All of the ports—including the propriety expansion inputs—are easily accessible, as well, which aids the device’s functionality. Its rugged casing provides some protection from the elements, too, offering a sense of security when using the unit outside. That said, I wouldn’t leave it out in a serious rainstorm. While the battery pack carries an IP65 rating, some of the other circuitry isn’t as well protected.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 review

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

App Control, Digital Display, and Other Features

Like most modern power stations, the Delta Pro 3 can be monitored and controlled using a smartphone app. For most other models, this is a handy but ultimately unnecessary feature. But here, it is put to good use, especially if you use the device as a backup power solution at home. The EcoFlow app provides excellent insights into energy usage, including power in and out, while also allowing users to customize their settings to maximize efficiency, charging methods, and more. For instance, it is possible to schedule charging times to take advantage of the best available local rates, potentially saving lots of money on your energy bill.

The Delta Pro 3’s built-in digital display is bright, eye-catching, and easy to read. It clearly shows how much power is moving in and out and the current battery capacity, including an estimated amount of time remaining before the charge is depleted. While the displays on most power stations these days are good, they tend to mostly be an afterthought. This one is clearly a notch above most other models, which comes as no surprise considering the overall quality of the device.

EcoFlow has put so much thought into the design of the Delta Pro 3 that it’s difficult to convey all of its innovations in a single review. Some notable features include an improved battery management system that dramatically increases efficiency and safety while maintaining a high level of performance. The power station is also incredibly quiet, even when it is accepting or providing a charge. It can even be used as an uninterruptible power supply with a 10ms response time, ensuring mission-critical devices stay powered on during unexpected interruptions.

EcoFlow should also be saluted for making the Delta Pro 3 fully backward compatible with its previous devices. The unit connects with last-generation Delta Pro power stations, external battery packs, and a host of other products, including the EcoFlow Smart Generator and the Smart Home Panel 2. That means if you’ve already invested in the company’s energy ecosystem, you can continue to use those older devices as you expand and update your system. Some other brands would have abandoned their legacy products in favor of the latest technology, forcing customers into an expensive upgrade or being left stranded with outdated tech.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 review

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

A Pricey But Worthy Investment

Let’s face it, priced at $3,699, the Delta Pro 3 is definitely on the high end of the portable power station market. But if you’re looking to build a home backup power solution, want a device to power your RV, or need a ridiculous amount of portable power, this unit is easily worth every penny. The sheer amount of technology found inside this unit puts it head and shoulders above just about everything else currently available, giving it a significant leg up on the competition.

In other words, if the Delta Pro 3 delivers the specs you need, don’t think twice—just order one immediately. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, If you find it to be somewhat overkill for your use cases, there are probably other, less expensive options that will better meet your needs. But considering everything this unit delivers, it isn’t remotely overpriced.

The original Delta Pro set the standard for high-capacity power stations for years, and its successor is likely to do the same. Everything about this device oozes quality, including components, design, and production. That makes it very easy to recommend for the audience it is intended for. Yes, it may be heavy, but its standard features, ease of expansion, and industry-leading specs overshadow those weight concerns. In terms of performance and features, nothing else even comes close.

To find out more about the Delta Pro 3, visit the EcoFlow website.

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