Dealers Name Genesis’ REVIVE ‘Most Innovative New Product’ – RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

Judging by the feedback at a couple of recent aftermarket distributor shows, Genesis Products couldn’t have expected a better response from dealers getting their first glimpse at the company’s REVIVE Collection for transforming and upfitting RV interiors.

At  both Arrow Distributing’s 2024 Distributor’s Showcase, held Jan. 16-17 at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nev., and the NTP-STAG Expo 2024, which was Jan. 15-16 at the Gaylord Palms in Kissimee, Fla., Genesis officials reported an enthused and engaged dealer response to the REVIVE debut.

In fact, Genesis was recognized by Expo dealers with the Most Innovative New Product award for its Revive Collection.

“There really is nothing else out there that is specifically designed for RVs using RV laminates and adhesive for aftermarket. So, it was exciting to be able to tell everybody about that,” said Erin Curtis, vice president of marketing and development for Genesis Products.

“And then what was really amazing,” she continued, “was the interaction and the engagement that we got from everyone who was there, whether they were dealers or had repair shops or were mobile techs. Everyone seemed very curious and interested in the product and also gave us a lot of feedback too, which is great since we’re at the beginning of this product’s lifecycle and we’re excited to bring insights from the field back home and really use that to innovate for the future.”

The REVIVE peel-and-stick products are easy to install and feature RV-rated adhesive designed to withstand on-the-road conditions for the long haul. Available in a variety of on-trend designs and colors, the REVIVE Collection includes:

  • Wallboard & Cabinet kits – specifically designed to overlay RV cabinets and walls for a fresh look that’s made to last. Each kit includes tools for easy installation, including a putty knife, microfiber cloth and instructions.
  • Cabinet Doors- in five trending profiles and five colors ranging from traditional to contemporary. Available via special order, doors coordinate with Wallboard & Cabinet Kits for a complete transformation.
  • Cabinet Hardware – includes residential-grade knobs and pulls in four beautiful finishes and six curated styles.
  • Backsplash kits – made with lightweight PVC and easily installed with double-sided REVIVE tape, providing the look and feel of real tile without any grout or thin-set required.
  • Ceiling kits – In response to in-field feedback, Genesis more recently introduced Ceiling Kits to the collection. Choose from two classic whites with highly-embossed textures to transform the interior space from above. Ideal for covering discolorations, water stains and other eye-sores, the ceiling kits are available in a 2-by-100-foot roll with matching 1.5-inch seam tape.

The REVIVE Collection is a perfect option for an RV owner who isn’t ready to pull the trigger on new rig, but is looking for a way to refresh the unit they already own.

“That’s right. Absolutely,” Curtis said. “If a customer isn’t ready to buy a new one and they want to stay in their existing unit – or buy a used unit – this gives them the opportunity to essentially either freshen it up and make it their own. In a way, it’s like giving it a fresh coat of paint, but it’s way more functional than actually painting your unit – which a lot of people try to do, and it never really turns out the way they want it to.”

Genesis Products Vice President of Marketing & Development Erin Curtis, left, meets with dealers following the company’s NTP-STAG Expo seminar.

Curtis said dealer feedback at shows have been decidedly positive, and many appreciated that the adhesive is acrylic-based.

“So, it’s meant to stand up to various RV conditions, such as changes in temperature, moisture, and also just the lumps and bumps that come with having an RV,” she said. “They also really liked the finishes, especially because we’ve tried to select neutrals that are very similar to what’s out there in the market. Even if it’s not a perfect match, it could give them an option from a repair standpoint to just do that room in that color versus having to order in a whole new board.

“They also liked the fact that it wasn’t just walls, but also now have an alternative for cabinets and ceilings versus painting or replacing. From both the service angle, so repairs in the shop and the retail angle, selling it to their consumers, they were very excited about that,” she added.

While the DIY consumer was the first customer Genesis had in mind when developing the Revive Collection, it quickly became apparent that dealers could install this on behalf of its customers, too.

“After we introduced it and started partnering with some dealers, the service angle basically revealed itself,” Curtis explained. “The idea that they could use our product to either up-fit units for their customers or to repair units for their customers in a different way instead of having to order panels, they seemed very excited about all of that.”

The next step is to continue to expand the Revive Collection and, at the same time, partner with more dealers to carry and install the product.

“We’ve had an incredible response from so many dealers – big dealers, small dealers, mobile dealers, mobile repair people,” Curtis said. “We’re excited to start rolling out that product and getting a presence that’s nationwide. And we’re going to look every six months to consider new colors, new styles, but also new additions to the product line, and that’ll be ongoing.