Dealers Find ‘Valuable Opportunities’ at Gulf Stream Coach

The famous BT Cruiser took front stage center at the Gulf Stream Coach Open House display with an all-new full paint option. (Courtesy photos)

NAPPANEE, Ind. – In spite of frequent showers and unseasonably cool temperatures, Gulf Stream Coach enjoyed high dealer interest and brisk sales activity at its display during the RV industry’s annual Open House held Sept. 26-29.

“We were gratified with our dealers’ overwhelmingly positive responses to the products we showcased at the Open House,” said Gulf Stream Coach President Phil Sarvari.  “It was rewarding to see dealers spending a good part of their day in our display, investigating our complete range of product offerings, and making plans to expand their commitment to Gulf Stream Coach.”

Gulf Stream Coach Management took advantage of personal contact with dealers and prospects to discuss new products and features.

“The Open House gives dealers a chance to experience first-hand our forty-year history of listening and responding to dealer input.  The extremely favorable reception for our all-new BT Cruiser full paint option and the new interior decor choices for our motor homes are perfect examples of how we use dealer input to strengthen the retail appeal of our products.”

“When dealers see their ideas actually reflected in production units, they realize that they are part of the process that results in higher levels quality, customer appeal, and owner satisfaction in the products that end up on their retail sales lots,” Sarvari said.

According to Gulf Stream Coach Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Scott Parkhurst, one of the standout towable products grabbing the attention of the dealers was the Envision 290RLI, an example of Gulf Stream Coach luxury laminated trailers.  Boasting opposing double slide-outs and luxury appointments throughout, the 290RLI is the flagship for an extensive collection of lightweight laminated trailers from 22 ft. to 37 ft. long, covering a wide range of price points and features that provide a significant profit opportunity for dealers with retail customers looking to upgrade their camping experience.

The Gulf Stream Coach Hospitality Tent served its purpose, providing meals each day and shelter from the blustery Fall weather.

At the other end of the spectrum in size, dealers praised the new model 14RE, the smallest travel trailer currently in the Gulf Stream Coach line-up, a basic yet remarkably well-equipped and ingeniously designed rear-entry trailer measuring less than 16 ft long, weighing less than 2,800 lbs., and boasting an oversized 54” x 80” bed.  Two other dealer favorites were the 177BH and 178RB, the newest members of the multiple DSI-award-winning “Super Lite’ lineup of lightweight, value-oriented entry-level travel trailers.

Dealers also took advantage of the opportunity to explore the large and varied group of Vintage and Vista Cruisers on display at the show.  With laminated fiberglass walls, welded aluminum frames, Azdel substrate, and a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof, Vintage and Vista Cruisers have turned into two of the most popular Gulf Stream Coach towable brands of all time.

“We sincerely appreciate the time and attention of the dealers and prospects who visited our Open House display,” said Parkhurst.  “We hope we have successfully communicated our commitment to high value, high quality products that give dealers clear alternatives to products from other manufacturers and significant opportunities for long-term growth.”