Could a Universal Toll Pass Work for the RV Crowd?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is an edited excerpt of an article by Mike Wendland, creator of the RV Lifestyle websitepodcast and YouTube channel.

With so many different toll authorities, is there a universal toll pass in the U.S. RVers can use? Here’s what you need to know.

As more and more toll roads become automated, RVers are looking for an easy solution to drive through without worry. They’re looking for a single toll transponder to manage all the charges and avoid any fees.

Does a universal toll transponder exist?

The answer is yes, but we’re still learning about its effectiveness. We’ll tell you about it and offer tips and tricks for dealing with tolls while RVing.

Note: We are not affiliates of RV Toll Pass. We only relate what we have learned about the product and how it may be useful if it lives up to its promises.

Is There a Universal Toll Pass in the U.S. for RVers?

Yes, there is a universal toll pass in the U.S. called RV Toll Pass. It’s a single transponder that people can use for their RVs, whether a motorhome or towable. The company claims it works on “97% of major toll roads in the U.S.”

You can purchase an RV Toll Pass on Amazon and activate it on the RV Toll Pass website.

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