Cleer Vision Windows Debuts New Instructional Video Series

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From left: Michael Deisinger, Marc Disher, Luis Adame and Gabe Ortiz.

ELKHART, Ind., – Cleer Vision Windows, an Airxcel brand, has produced a series of five new how-to videos detailing repairs on their line of RV windows, according to an anniuncment by Marc Disher, Cleer Vision sales manager.

The video series is comprised of five, step-by-step instructional videos that cover the most common repairs to RV windows reported in the field. This includes Replacing a Cleer Vision Window, How to Replace the Window Track, Replacing a STK Handle on your RV Window, Horizontal Slide Vent Glass Replacement, and Replacing a Horizontal Side Latch.

“We created these videos to empower those working on RVs that have our windows installed,” said Disher. “The detailed instructions in these videos give technicians both the practical information needed to make repairs in a real-world environment and the confidence necessary to tackle those repairs in an efficient and time effective manner.”

In each video, Luis Adame, Cleer Vision sales and warranty coordinator, walks viewers through a specific repair with easy-to-follow steps and professional tips to enable the quick and correct completion of basic RV window repairs. The videos are free to access and easily available through the Airxcel, Inc. – RV Group YouTube channel appearing in both the For RV Professionals playlist and Cleer Vision Windows and Tempered Glass playlist.

“As part of the Airxcel family we prioritize unparalleled service for our customers,” emphasized Disher.  “So, we are thrilled with this functional video series and the support it offers our service partners in the RV industry.”

The video series was shot on location at the Alliance RV headquarters in Elkhart, Ind.