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LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Reflecting the evolution of the RV and mobile home industry, Bemyvan announces a significant rebranding, transitioning into Noovo. This strategic move symbolizes the company’s commitment to innovation and adapting to the rapidly changing needs of the modern nomad. The name Noovo, pronounced as ‘new-vow’ and representing ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ – showcases the company’s dedication to leading the RV and campervan sector with purpose-driven designs and customer-focused solutions.

“Noovo is more than a brand; it’s a vision for a lifestyle where adventure is woven into everyday life. We are providing a viable option for those who want to pursue full-time vanlife. For those who yearn for the day-to-day to be anything but routine.” said Benoit Lafond, CEO of Noovo. “Our rebranding signifies a deeper commitment to pushing the boundaries in the RV and campervan industry, offering not just a product, but an entire experience that resonates with the aspirations of our customers.”

Anticipate the Arrival of Noovo Plus in 2024

Noovo proudly introduces Noovo Plus, the first Super High Roof Camper Van in the United States engineered for those who dream of a life filled with exploration, comfort, and freedom. This innovative vehicle is set to transform the concept of mobile homes, offering a connected, sophisticated, sustainable living space on wheels among other premium offerings.

The Coziness of Home, Everywhere You Go with Noovo Lite

Noovo’s design and technology target the common inconveniences of RVing, such as navigating tight spaces, maintenance challenges, electric and water issues, and reliance on the grid for power and connectivity. By embracing these challenges, Noovo Lite offers a van experience that really feels like home.

Noovo Lite Specifics:

  • Built on Reliability: Built on the robust RAM PROMASTER High Roof Van, it’s powered by a formidable 3.6L V6 engine, ensuring accessibility and power for every kind of journey.
  • Innovative Energy System: Equipped with a lithium battery system that goes up to 1320Ah.
  • European Design: Features include Havelock Wool R13 Batt Insulation, wood vinyl or marine fabric finishes, curved corners, self-closing drawers, laminated countertops, stainless sink, high-quality appliances, and custom cushions.
  • Gourmet Kitchen: A single burner induction cooktop, a 12V fridge, and a microwave, perfect for on-the-road culinary experiences.
  • Stay Connected on the Go: Designed with the needs of the modern nomad in mind, Noovo ensures that staying connected on the road is easy and reliable through features such as Starlink satellite internet and GPS navigation.
  • Panoramic Views for an Immersive Experience: The Arctic Tern windows offer a 270-degree view, immersing you in your surroundings and bringing the beauty of nature right inside your living space.
  • Advanced Tech Integration: The upcoming ‘Noovo Brain’ offers smart display features for battery status, water level, electric bed lift, dimmable lights, and more.
  • Community: Noovo’s growing community shares a passion for living an intentional life, the kind of life from which you never feel you need a break or have to escape. From our ambassadors to vanlife gatherings, Noovo is always ready for life on the road.

Noovo Lite is now available with a starting price of $154,000, with financing options up to 20 years. Noovo Lite invites you to embrace a new way of living and exploring. Noovo Lite is masterfully designed to handle life on the road, making it the ideal choice for those who seek to balance work, leisure, and adventure seamlessly.

Pre-orders for Noovo Plus are now available and are expected to ship by Q3 2024. This campervan is poised to redefine the standards of luxury, comfort, and technology integration in van living. Stay tuned and follow us on social media (@noovovans) to stay informed. Redefine life on the road and join us at