Chris Burkard Teamed Up With Db to Make His Ideal Camera Bag

Everything you might keep inside is accessible via a double zipper, and while the inside is yellow for visibility in low light, the waterproof, abrasion-resistant exterior is sleek black with minimal branding. “It’s meant to be discreet, meant to go through an airport not screaming ‘I am a photographer,'” says Burkard in a video.

Like some of Db’s other award-winning bags, the Ramverk Pro Sling rolls up for easy stashing in a closet or elsewhere when you don’t need it—despite all the features it packs inside—proving its versatility. According to Burkard, “It is basically meant to not only be your everyday camera carry, but also that airport sling, that travel sling, that piece of kit that really never leaves your side.”

Db made the Ramverk Pro Sling in a limited run of 500. The bag is available now.

Price: $185