Cedar Creek RVs Now Use Vixen Composite Subflooring

ELKHART, Ind. – Vixen Composites, an Airxcel brand, is proud to have its American-made composite slideout subflooring featured on all floorplans by Cedar Creek RV. Marc Brunner, Vixen general manager, made the announcement. in a press release.

“We’ve long prioritized our OEM partners, working together on multiple fronts to customize our leading-edge composite panels and FRP to best elevate their builds,” said Brunner. “And we’re excited to expand our relationship with Cedar Creek to now include supplying the custom slideout flooring for their fifth wheels and destination trailers.”

Vixen Composites created custom composite slideout panels for Cedar Creek RV featuring their patented lightweight, single-piece, seamless design with a beveled edge. The composite panels were designed for the rigorous movement and exposed nature of RV slideouts with water resistant properties to eliminate rot and offer superior adhesion compared to plywood.

The slideout panels work with both flush and non-flush side applications. They offer weight savings compared to wood products for more cargo carrying capacity, better fuel efficiency, and easier towability. Composite subflooring outlasts competitive wood-based products for long term durability and usability.

Vixen’s slideout composite panels are made by American workers at Vixen’s Elkhart facility. “Being centrally located to our OEM partners in Indiana allows Vixen to prioritize those relationships and ensure product availability without international supply chain worry,” said Brunner.

Speaking on the partnership, Curtis Gunter of Cedar Creek RV said, “Cedar Creek has always been at the forefront of innovation and by making the move to a composite slide floor is another example of leading the pack. We chose Vixen as a trusted partner because of their proven track record with our Marine division and our current relationships. We feel the new composite slide floors will give Cedar Creek a distinct advantage over our competition. We are very pleased with the transition and our dealer partner and end users will be the beneficiary of the new slide floors.”

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/cedar-creek-rvs-now-use-vixen-composite-subflooring/