CBE Recalls CSB2, CSB2-LT RV Battery Charging Systems

The CSB2 and CSB2-LT system allows the charging of the car battery, when the service battery of the motor home is connected to external 220V chargers or a solar panel. The electronic devices sold or installed after June 1, 2021 can be damaged by overvoltage spikes on the 12V DC power net in the motor home. Therefore the devices can overheat and burn or cause a fire, which poses a serious risk to people in or around the motor home.

Based on the findings and in order to avoid any risk of accident, dealers are requested to immediately stop selling and/or installing these products and to contact CBE to identify and exchange products on stock.

Customers whose vehicles were equipped with the product after June 1, 2021 shall disconnect the CSB2/CSB2-LT as soon as possible to avoid any risk. For this purpose, CBE provides instructions online. For the exchange of the product CBE offers a procedure to replace the product.

For any questions, please contact CBE: +39 0461 958379 or email [email protected]

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/cbe-recalls-csb2-csb2-lt-rv-battery-charging-systems/