Campworks’ Redesigned NS-1 Teardrop Empowers EV Drivers

The NS-1 is a mobile generator, off-road micro-grid. With top of the line components and capacities, it is designed to reinvent the way people experience outdoor living, according to the manufacturer. (Photo: Campworks)

LONGMONT, Colo. – Campworks introduced the NS-1 last year, and with the help of Dell Technologies Inc., has redesigned its product a year later, expanding its mission to deliver an evolutionary product and vision, according to a press release from the company.

“We were challenged to Stop at Nothing, which required us to integrate the WHY of what we’re building,” Kristian Rene, Campworks director of community, stated. “This subtle shift took us from a recreational product that provided off-grid power and comfort for the affluent, to a product that guides the paradigm of how we use power and who can access it.”

The NS-1 stores and generates power sufficient for recharging an electric vehicle: It is towable, mobile infrastructure + housing. This makes, cross-country travel possible, even without charging stations.

While there are teardrop style campers, no OEM RV or trailer has ever been built with 9000w 240v electrical output. Campworks builds a product that provides real living solutions. They have adopted the slogan “Live Where You Are,” which stresses the notion that IF an individual has everything they need to live comfortably, they can perform at their best.

“Energy is a currency,” Rene states. “It is actual power, and if you have it, your ability to do work, to explore, to build, to then rest, is that change we wish to see in the world.” The NS-1 has been redesigned, in other words, to be a mobile, electric power grid that allows people to respond real time to opportunity. “It is a power bank that allows the individual or organization to deliver and share energy.”

The company outlines that mobile generators are insufficient without an operator or manager. “Energy,” the company explains, “has undeniable value, but it’s most valuable if it’s well managed. The operator must be able to travel with the generator. You’re not just off-grid in an NS-1; you own your own energy and grid, you own your mobility.”

The immediate applications can be seen in wildland fire fighting and remote land stewardship. A durable space that allows the user to live comfortably, prepare and share meals, be well rested and be able to work at peak performance, with off-grid, zero-emissions power to share.

It allows physicians to deliver aid in developing countries, without requiring patients to come to them. Enough power to sustain climate control and security for medications and supplies while allowing the physician the resources to rest, rejuvenate and live comfortably wherever they are.

It provides the executive, and their family, comfort, accessibility, and flexibility. The NS-1 is a mobile studio apartment with loft, that powers your favorite accessories ranging from computers to espresso machines to your new Rivian vehicle.

“If we design and manufacture the best product possible, it becomes a tool. Your equipment should be an asset, never a liability,” Rene explains. “Ultimately, we intend to tackle issues of homelessness and disaster displacement. In building this system, we’ve distilled the essentials of living-well into one highly mobile and highly capable package.”

The interior boasts: a four-seasons, optimally insulated bedroom with custom handcrafted cabinetry, custom designed insulated doors and dual paned windows – R Value 12.4. The NS-1 also comes with:

  • Fully programmed digital electrical systems
  • 25 gallons on-board filtered water
  • Gourmet and high functioning kitchen + weather-proof burners, accessory outlets, custom designed storage
  • 270 degree awning to create exterior living space
  • Second roof-top “bedroom”
  • Trail ready and capable
  • Unibody, American-Made, heritage quality construction for increased durability and longevity
  • Novel and top of the line recycled materials technology integration
  • Dry weight of 1700 pounds to minimize draw on electric vehicle towing