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LAS VEGAS, NV – BougeRV, a world-leading outdoor electrical equipment brand, announced the premiere showcasing of its Colorful Edition outdoor portable fridge Jan. 9 at the CES 2024 PEPCOM. This innovative product, noted the company in a release, promises a fresh fridge experience while adding a vibrant touch to outdoor lifestyles.

The design philosophy of BougeRV’s Colorful Edition portable fridge originates from in-depth research and understanding of user needs, emphasizing independence and self-expression in outdoor endeavors. With a fashionable, colorful appearance and a lightweight, portable design, this fridge provides users with greater ease during outdoor activities. It’s also equipped with intelligent features like temperature control, energy-saving modes and smart storage, meeting demands for convenience and practicality.

The highlight of the BougeRV Colorful Edition outdoor portable fridge is its vibrant aesthetics. Users can select different unique paste colors to personalize their outdoor experience and stay in line with trends.

This colorful fridge inherits the top-selling and most popular features of BougeRV’s CR series: 23-quart capacity, 16-minute rapid cooling and compatability with various power sources like solar panels and external batteries. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and prolonged use. It also offers exceptional insulation and cooling capabilities.

Whether for summer camping or winter skiing trips, the CR Colorful Edition fridge maintains stable temperatures for stored items, ensuring food and drinks stay fresh and flavorsome.

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