Biolite’s New Mini Camp Light Is Cute, Colorful, and Functional

With sunsets getting earlier by the day having ample lighting options while camping is key. Same goes for enjoying an evening in the park or the backyard. Brooklyn, NY-based Biolite has long been an innovative leader in the camp lighting category with hyper functional headlamps and lanterns—and of course, camp stoves and portable fire pits. That trend continues with the Biolite AlpenGlow Mini, a new, palm-sized lantern launching today, 4 October 2023.

The USB-C rechargeable AlpenGlow Mini ($40) is both weather resistant and extremely lightweight at just 3.5oz (98g). With four color options and the ability to cast broad-spectrum light in a range of hues and color cycles (including warm white light that’s ideal for nighttime cooking and photography, and red for preserving night vision, reading, and bedtime prep), it’s as playful and cute as it is functional and deserving of a spot in your go-to camp kit.