Best Hiking Daypacks: Our Top 12 Picks for 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good size daypack for hiking?

The ideal daypack for hiking depends on the user and the type of hike. Daypacks can vary in size and capacity. The capacity is typically measured in liters. For a one-day hike, a pack between 15 to 30 litres will typically suffice. However, if one is planning on traveling a greater distance or is undertaking a trail that requires varying equipment or weather conditions, a pack in the 30 to 40 liter range will accommodate more gear and food.

What is the difference between a daypack and a backpack?

A classic hiking backpack has an internal frame to allow the user to carry a large load over many miles and multiple days. However, for a day hike, a structured pack and large carrying capacity isn’t always necessary. Daypacks act as streamlined backpacks that lack a frame and are designed to carry a lighter load that is typically no more than 25 pounds.

What size backpack is best for a 3 day hike?

For a three-day hike, a backpack that is 40 to 70 liters will be the best option. Three days of gear and food can fit into a 40 to 50 liter pack, but for heavier loads and conditions in which layers and extra gear are required, a larger pack might be the best option.

The Best Daypacks for Hiking