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If you’re looking for innovative ways to make your camper feel bigger than it is or offer more flexibility when you’re on your next adventure, you may want to consider one with a Murphy bed. Campers with Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, pull-down beds, or fold-down beds, are hinged on one end, so they can be stored vertically against a wall or within a cabinet or closet. 

Murphy beds allow you to make use of your space more efficiently, so they’re an excellent option for campers and trailers. When you’re not sleeping, you can easily store the bed away, which opens up more floor space. Some Murphy beds can turn that space into a sofa, desk, or shelves to be used for multiple purposes. 

Campers and trailers offer limited space, and the bed is used only at night, so it makes sense to be able to open up the living space during the other hours of the day and enhance the camper’s functionality. 

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Campers with Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds maximize your space, which is essential when living in smaller spaces like campers. They’re also easy to set up and put away, so they’re practical for daily use. They’re also often as comfortable as a traditional bed, unlike many sofa beds or futons. Plus, they can add a stylish feature to a camper. 

Fortunately, Murphy beds in campers are extremely easy to use. Unlike convertible dining areas, there’s little to maneuver. With minimal effort, most Murphy beds can be pulled down and then lifted back into their storage space when not needed. And once put away, you can lock up the bed so it’s safely stored. 

How Do Traditional Murphy Beds Differ from Those in Campers? 

The Murphy bed concept remains the same. However, there are a few key differences between traditional and Murphy beds made for campers. For instance, Murphy beds in campers are typically smaller and more compact, so they can easily slide into limited spaces. The beds may also differ in size, as camper beds are often shorter and narrower to easily fit into compact or limited spaces.

Murphy beds for a home may provide elaborate design features, such as built-in storage, desks, or entertainment centers. In contrast, those found in campers tend to be designed more for functionality and space-saving. The designs are thus more minimalist and take weight into consideration. 

While camper Murphy beds tend to be lighter, they’re also built with more robust mechanisms that can withstand more frequent folding and unfolding yet remain secure during travel. 

Best Campers with Murphy Beds

Now that you know the numerous benefits of Murphy beds in campers, you may wonder if any travel trailers on the market provide this innovative design. Indeed, there are. Several different travel trailers offer models that have a Murphy bed that easily converts into a sofa for daytime use, including: 

If you prefer to adventure from a motorhome, you can also find models with Murphy beds, including: 

You can find models in different sizes and styles with unique features and amenities. Yet all have floorplans that include a space-saving Murphy bed. 

Remember that models change regularly, so check with your chosen manufacturer or dealer for the most current models and availability, as the market continuously evolves with new and updated designs that may or may not offer a Murphy bed option. 

Adding a Murphy Bed to Your RV

If you already have an RV you love, but it doesn’t contain a Murphy bed, with careful planning, you may be able to add one. Some of the most important considerations include:

  • The available space and size for the Murphy bed when it’s stowed and pulled down. 
  • The added (or potentially reduced) weight of the bed system. You’ll also want to ensure the weight is evenly distributed so your RV remains stable and continues to handle as designed.
  • The structural support of your walls. You may need additional support for the weight of the Murphy bed. In addition, when installing the bed, it will need to be attached to the framing and not just the interior wall. 
  • The right hardware and mechanism for the size and weight of your Murphy bed is also vital for ease of use and safety. 

One of the biggest benefits of retrofitting your RV with a Murphy bed is that you can design it to fit your camper’s aesthetics and function, which may include additional seating, integrated storage, workspace, etc. 

You can find Murphy bed kits or plans and your own carpentry skills to install a Murphy bed. But if you aren’t an experienced builder or just don’t have the knowledge for RV modifications, consider reaching out to a professional who can ensure the bed fits correctly and is safely and securely installed, without damaging your RV. 

Before installation, though, you’ll want to ensure that these types of modifications don’t alter your warranty, insurance, balance, or weight limits.


Murphy beds are an ingenious solution for campers and trailers, offering a blend of comfort, functionality, and style. Their ability to transform a space and maximize utility makes them an ideal choice for those looking to make the most out of the usable space in your RV.

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