BeginRV Releases 2nd Annual List Highlighting RV Influencers

This is the second year the fast-growing road travel publication has released the comprehensive list of influential voices, speciality clubs, social media personalities, booking sites, and brands in the road travel industry.

“The list was created to open up new lines of communication in the road travel industry,” says BeginRV editor, Stewart Gold. “Connecting established brands with diverse voices creates opportunities for new ideas and unlikely collaborations to take shape.”

Separated into 10 distinct categories, the 2022 RV Influencers List includes people and groups in the following categories:

  • New and Diverse Voices
  • RV Blogs
  • Campervan Blogs
  • Instagram Accounts
  • YouTube Channels
  • Special Interest Clubs
  • Discount RV Clubs
  • RV Rental Sites
  • Campground Booking Sites
  • RV Industry

“One day we’d love to bring all the influencers together to meet in person,” says Gold. “We can only imagine what would come out of such an event.” was founded in 2019 a place for new RVers to learn about road travel and build community. The site hosts informational articles, inspirational interviews, and product reviews.