Bedrock’s Flagship Cairn Sandal Line Gets a Full Design Upgrade

That said, those who use their Bedrock sandals for more scrambly or slippery adventures may want to stick to the other Cairn models. The lower sole stack and Vibram Megagrip on the Cairn Pros, for example, may prove more stable on uneven terrain and more grippy on a wider range of surfaces.

The most substantial changes to the rest of the Cairn line come to the sandals’ shape and size, particularly in the smallest sizes. If you’re interested in the technical details, here’s the breakdown: Bedrock Sandals’ sizes were aligned closer to Japanese sizing, which increases incrementally by about1cm. American sizing grows by around .86cm, which means that a size 8 on the Japanese scale was smaller than expected. The new system will reflect the American standards going forward, so they will run more true to size.

Sizing tweaks may not sound like the most exciting stuff, but these changes are going to be more intuitive for online shoppers who don’t have a Bedrock dealer in their area. It will also make a difference for those who never quite fit into their typical size (like this writer). The curve of the new Evo soles is slightly less pronounced, giving the sandal a wider forefoot silhouette that fits more foot shapes. The weight and stack height will be comparable to the previous generation, so minimalist hikers need not worry about the changes.