Australian Biz Finding Success with 12V/120V RV Water Heater – RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

Aussie hot water engineer and RV enthusiast Jay King travelled the world for more than a decade listening to the hot water needs of RV enthusiasts and dealers alike at caravan and camping shows in Asia, Europe, the U.S., and his native Australia, according to a release.

“Even back then – way before the Covid RV local travel boom and today’s expanded environmental and safety awareness – people were starting to demand electric hot water for hygiene and comfort no matter where they were … things like showers, children washing, dish washing, food handling, pet washing,” King said.

Aus J innovator, Jay King, says the new Gen 3 water heater is ideally suited to marine, powered boat, and yacht markets, as well as land-based RVs.

“Just about everywhere I went – including to OEM dealer and DIY consumer shows – they would come up to me to ask if I could do a 12V version of our compact 240V Aqueous water heaters we had on the stand – or better still, a 120V version for the 27 countries in the world using 120V, including the USA,” said King, who is managing director of global RV product exporter Aus J Hot Water Solutions.

Eventually his doggedness won through, the release continued, with the global launch this year of the Duoetto Gen 3 expressly engineered for the North American 12V DC/120V AC RV, caravan, camping, and marine, yacht, and powered boat markets.

But the path to getting Gen 3 proven as feasible – and approved to UL 174, with Intertek ETL product testing and certification – was daunting for one man committed to a concept that others rubbished.

“Just about everyone told me it flat out couldn’t be done – some were prepared to bet me that the amperage draw would be too high anyway and would drain the RV or boat battery, which might have a capacity of, say, 140 amp hours. I set out to prove them wrong,” King said.