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We may earn revenue through affiliate programs from products shown on our website, but no company or piece of gear is ever promised a positive review. Our news coverage is in no way shaped by financial relationships, and all stories go through editors before being published.

Any products that earn high grades in testing do so on their own merits. 

Why you can trust Outdoor News

Originally founded in 1968, Outdoor News has been publishing hunting and fishing publications for outdoor enthusiasts for over 50 years. From Minnesota to New York, we cover the local hunting and fishing scene like no other media source available. We are the “watchdog” for sportsmen who call Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York home. 

Hunters, anglers, trappers and outdoor enthusiasts rely on Outdoor News to provide the most up-to-date local outdoor information available, and they trust us to keep them updated on legislative actions and policies that have a direct impact on their way of life.

Outdoor News features a team of local, award-winning writers and editors who are personally devoted to covering the same outdoors where they hunt and fish themselves. 

For our writers and contributors, hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation is not a hobby – it’s a fixture in their lifestyle. You can trust that gear reviewed has been tested thoroughly, and the feedback offered for readers is the honest assessment of the author.