A Harvest Hosts Guide For Newbies

RV parked in front of farm house in Iowa

Whispering Pines Farm in Iowa, where we picked our own farm-fresh vegetables (Photo by L. Belden)

How Does The Harvest Hosts Membership Program Work?

Harvest Hosts is an RVer membership program that invites RVers to have unique overnight stays. I have been a Harvest Hosts member for every year I have been RVing, and it has been worth it.

It doesn’t matter whether you like wine or brews, farms or museums, and attractions or golf. There is a space for you at over 3,500+ choices across North America. And Harvest Hosts is adding hundreds of new ones every month. But just because it is one of the fastest growing RV services doesn’t mean you’ll want to join. So, why would you?

The Harvest Hosts stories

Every time my husband and I stay at a Harvest Hosts destination, we visit the owner and learn about their farm, winery, or entertainment venue.

Whether you are a wine drinker or not, it is interesting to learn about harvests, how different types of wines grow, and how wines are shipped or stored. Behind every host is an amazing story of entrepreneurs who work very hard to deliver their products or services.

Getting your money’s worth

At no other campground do you get anything in return for your investment like Harvest Hosts. For a $20 donation towards products and services, you not only get a boondocking spot at amazing locations, but you get to walk away with a product or service as a bonus. You are also helping the local economy!

Meeting fellow RVers

There is no better lead-in to a conversation than sharing a location with other RVers along with a host site you share an interest in.

You can also share conversations with them over a pint of brew, a glass of wine, or while walking around the gardens of a museum—wherever your unique RV camping location happens to be. It’s also nice to know that the host sites are not overcrowded. It makes for a nice, large camping space with intimate connections.

A variety of birds from Harvest Hosts farm destination

We spottted all sorts of farm animals at Fuller Farms, a Harvest Hosts destination in Arkansas. (Photo by L. Belden)

Easy membership

For a set fee each year, you can sign up for the resources. As a member, you have access to wineries, breweries, farms, museums, and entertainment. You can also add golf. Discount memberships are offered throughout the year.

When you log in with your membership, you can request overnight stays through an online system with most hosts or contact them to request a stay via email. You can put in the city where you want to stay, see photos and reviews of the areas, and get specifics on site lengths.

Make great memories

Create your own stories to share. One time we stayed at a farm where we put in an order for farm fresh items ahead of time. When we arrived, we had a basket waiting for us with fresh homemade bread, farm eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions from the garden.

It was nice to sit down to a meal all prepared fresh from a local farm. On another occasion, we stopped at a winery where we learned how grapes were harvested, listened to live music, and got a tasting of local craft cheeses. All the experiences are one-of-a-kind enduring memories.

Referral income

You can even offset the annual membership fee by setting up a referral program with Harvest Hosts. They are always looking for new members and new hosts.

View of Golden Spike Tower Museum in Nebraska from the parking lot

Golden Spike Tower Museum in Nebraska is the site where the last railroad spike was driven. (Photo by L. Belden)

Important notes about Harvest Hosts 

Overnight camping is free, but a $20 minimum donation/purchase is recommended.

Overnight camping is free; in exchange, it is requested you utilize the host’s service for at least $20. Unfortunately speaking with several hosts, we have found out people are taking advantage of the membership.

One RVer spent the night at a winery, and then when the hosts let them know the winery was getting ready to close, they told the owner that was OK, they didn’t like wine. The RVer had no intention of meeting the $20 honorarium for services. This is unacceptable because even wineries and breweries usually have food and other items for purchase. 

This is a habit that will ruin the services of all other members. We should also point out that hosts can now rate your stay, and if you do not patronize the hosts, you will eventually rate yourself out of being able to stay at any host site.

You may be able to stay more than one night.

On request, some sites will let you stay more than one night if they are not crowded or overbooked. Expect to still compensate them with purchases for multiple nights.

You must be self-contained.

Business restrooms are not for your repeated use or bathing needs. You must be able to boondock on-site and provide your own electric service. Although there are some hosts that may have hook-up options available for additional charges, that is optional. Some hosts permit generator use; others may not.

Fifth weel and truck parked in front of Harvest Hosts location, Pine Bluffs Distilling in Wyoming

My husband and I enjoyed whiskey and beer tastings at Pine Bluffs Distilling in Wyoming. (Photo by L. Belden)

Boondockers Welcome is an additional option.

Harvest Hosts has also added an RVer membership program, where you can stay on an individual’s home site/private property. Consider adding that feature and double your access locations. All of the programs have a 100% money-back guarantee.

There is a code of conduct.

This ensures everyone is protected by the overnight stays.

Final thoughts

My husband and I call this the perfect business model. Everyone wins! Harvest Hosts gets members. RVers get wonderful places to stay, experiences, and friendships. And the hosts exchange a stay at their establishments while highlighting and selling their services to people they might never reach.

It’s time to join a group that offers great partnerships and experiences to us all. You can learn more about their membership program on their website at HarvestHosts.com.

Want additional perspectives? Steve and Erika Puvalowski of Radar Road Warriors share their personal experience with Harvest Hosts in the clip below.  

Share your Harvest Hosts experiences with fellow RVers

Are you a member of this program? Share your stories of this unique RV camping in the comments below, or join the virtual fireside chat via iRV2 Forums, the friendliest online RV forum community where motorhome and travel trailer owners meet to discuss all aspects of RV ownership.

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