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Tesla’s Cybertruck Shifts from Future to Present

THAT ELON MUSK is such a tease. Pioneering commercial space flights. Buying up the internet’s biggest chatterbox. Promising electric Cybertrucks. Please: Save it for a science fiction novel. We weren’t born yesterday. Right? Maybe not. Like at all. Because things are getting very real with the Tesla Cybertruck.

Last November, reports the Associated Press, Tesla delivered the very first Cybertucks to customers in Austin, Texas. Which means you could now see one on the road—or even at
a campground. Built for any world, the Cybertruck seems plenty ready for this one: Capable of towing up to 11,000 pounds; fitted with four-wheel-drive; rangy to go 340 miles on a single charge; and equipped with an instant tent for camping. There’s more, too. Way more, and all of it is now in the present. Which begs the question: What else could be coming? Teardrops? Class Bs? Fifth wheels? Yes, please.

KZ RV Connect Mini Named Top RV Debut of 2024

Effortless towing, a luxurious interior, and dozens of top-tier features— all in an ultralight package. What’s not to love?

Fort Myers RV Show Rolls into JetBlue Park

View hundreds of brand-new 2024 RVs of all different types, sizes, and prices at one of Florida’s top RV shows. The family-friendly event starts Thursday, January 25, and runs through Sunday, January 28. Admission is only $10 with children under 16 free. Parking is free courtesy of the RV Trade Association.

Bowlus RV and Lazy Days Go Steady

It’s official-official now. Bowlus has announced that Lazydays will be the exclusive dealer of Bowlus RVs nationwide, making the tandem one of the hottest—and most shiny— power couples in the RV industry. The happy couple has already announced that they’re expecting five new dealerships across five states. At each, Bowlus will offer unparalleled white-glove sales and service experience for its luxury product.

Scrolling the Virtual Campground

Why We Heart It

@mountaintop.adventures Michael and Taylor are a distinct kind of snowbird species—aquatic! When their RV hits the Keys, they waste no time getting in the sun and under the surf.

Why We Heart It

@lovinthetiffin There is a magic to Winter camping that’s worth a little suffering—if living in a Tiffin can be called suffering at all!

Most Played TikTok

Hats off to all you cold-weather campers: May the odds be ever in your favor.

“Winter in the RV. #rvlife#nomadfamily #nomadfamilies#rv #snowbirds”

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