7 Reasons You’ll Love RV Camping In The Fall

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RV camping in the fall brings cooler temperatures, less bugs, and quieter campgrounds. Photo from Shutterstock

7 Reasons To Go RV Camping This Fall

Summer RV camping has its merits. The warm temperatures allow us to set up camp in beautiful places near lovely beaches on oceans or lakes or in cool mountain air. It really gets everybody in the camping spirit—especially families with school-age kids.

However, many RVers overlook fall as a truly amazing season for RV camping. Let’s look at seven reasons why it’s easy to love fall camping in your RV. 

1. Great campsites are easy to find

Summer is the most popular time of year for camping. This is largely due to the fact that kids are out of school and families can find time together to go camping. In the fall, you’ll find that many great campsites are available in absolutely gorgeous campgrounds. This is especially true on weekends. 

We’ve had fall RV camping experiences where we were one of just a handful of campers at a campground. You’ll find many campgrounds have spots available through their reservation system, but often you can get a last-minute spot as well.

2. The scenery is beautiful

Fall brings brilliant red, orange, and yellow colors as trees get ready to shed their leaves for winter. For photographers,  this can make either a stunning subject or backdrop.   

3. It’s peaceful and quiet

In early fall, most children go back to school. With virtually no children, campgrounds are quiet and peaceful all day and night. The only sounds you’ll typically hear when you are fall camping are the rustling of leaves, rivers running over rocks, and birds singing. It’s magical. Even at night, the stars seem to be brighter and more plentiful.

4. It’s not too hot, but not too cold

Fall temperatures are perfect for RV camping because the (sometimes too hot) heat and/or humidity of summer is over, but the really cold temperatures of winter haven’t started yet. Fall weather is cooler but not cold yet. It’s perfect weather for hiking, running, cycling, or any other outdoor activity you love. 

Fall evenings can bring chilly temperatures that are perfect for enjoying your favorite hot beverage next to a campfire under a crisp, starlit sky. Remember, if you ever find it too cold, you can always go indoors and enjoy the comforts of your RV’s heating system.

5. There are fewer flying insects

Mosquitoes, flies, and other insects aren’t as active with cooler fall temperatures. This makes it easy to just relax outside the RV without having to use insect repellent or be bothered by bugs.

6. You can save money by RV camping in the fall

You may find that many campgrounds lower their fees to entice fall RV campers. This makes RV camping in fall more economical than summer camping when prices are high. You can expect to save between $5 and $15 per night on a campsite if you book between September 16 and October 31.   

7. You can enjoy a campfire again

As temperatures cool down in fall, the summer wildfire season comes to an end. Fire danger returns to a low or moderate level, and campfires are once again a part of the camping experience. This means we can enjoy our pumpkin spice lattes and s’mores beside the warm glow of a campfire, perhaps while enjoying nature’s spectacle of amazing fall colors. 

A few tips for RV camping in the fall

There are a few things that will help to make your fall camping experience even better. Here are some great tips for getting the most out of fall camping in your RV. 

  • Call ahead: Many campgrounds and RV parks welcome fall visitors, but depending on the area you camp in, some campgrounds close in September and October. Calling ahead will ensure that the campground you want will be open when you arrive.
  • Find campgrounds using the RV LIFE App:  The RV LIFE app will show you all the campgrounds in the area in which you want to camp. Then head over to RV LIFE Campgrounds to check reviews and find out need-to-know details about the campgrounds.
  • Don’t skip fall RV maintenance chores: RV maintenance chores like resealing RV seals, and lubricating your hitch, scissor jacks, and locks can easily be done at the campsite. Keep track of all your RV maintenance with RV LIFE Maintenance, which lets you easily plan and track all maintenance chores on your specific RV.


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