5 Best Used Travel Trailers For Couples

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Why “used travel trailers for couples” and not new? Because it’s a money-saver, of course. The more money you have in your pocket, the more money you have on that first, romantic adventure. But, that’s not the only element we’re dealing with here.

The average travel trailer has a 15-year lifespan, so we’re not going with “used” in terms of antiques. We’re talking a few years, and a used travel trailer that’s fewer than 5 years from its date of manufacture provides a lot of benefits.

This is mostly because it’s already gone through its shakedown period, with defects and workmanship flaws taken care of via the warranty.

Plus, if you take your time, you’ll discover that used travel trailers sometimes come with a lot of upgrades from the previous owner—upgrades you don’t have to pay for. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. All you and your partner have to do is choose the best, potentially upgraded wheel, and get rolling!

How Big Are Travel Trailers For Couples?

Well, that kind of depends on what you and your partner in crime want to do. The reason we say that is because the difference between a wet bath and a dry bath is often a significant amount of space.

Or, no bathroom for that matter. If you plan on romantic getaways on the side of a mountain (boondocking), a bathroom of some kind matters. If you plan on sticking strictly to campgrounds, maybe a bathroom doesn’t matter so much.

Do you have dogs? Dogs appreciate space as much as people, often more so. We consider that kind of thing when we make our lists, so the used travel trailers for couples in the below list include a variety of sizes. It’s something you’ll need to consider before you head out.

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5 Best Used Travel Trailers for Couples

The best used travel trailers for couples aren’t constrained to specific sizes, and the below offerings run the gamut between 16.2′ and 33.9′.

Insofar as your size and space needs are concerned, there’s something for everyone, including plenty of comfort, amenities, and conveniences to boot.

1. Sunset Park Sunray 149Best Vintage Camper for Couples

5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples Sunset Park Sunray 149 Exterior
5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples Sunset Park Sunray 149 Interior
Sunset Park Sunray 149 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Beautiful, vintage exterior aesthetic

⛔ Lightweight enough to pull with smaller vehicles but the wind drag becomes an issue

  • Length 16.2 ft.
  • UVW 2,260 lbs.
  • CCC: 1,520 lbs.
  • GVWR: 3,780 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 280 lbs. 
  • Sleep: 2-3

The first couple’s RV travel trailer we’ll look at is the Sunset Park Sunray 149. This is a fun little camper that’s perfect for couples. 

With a length of just over sixteen feet and a weight of only 3,780 lbs, the Sunray is one of the best travel trailers under 4,000 lbs. Weekend warriors will love the fact that they won’t need to purchase a mammoth tow vehicle, since this lightweight travel trailer can be towed with a midsize SUV

This Sunray may be small, but it’s jam-packed with personality. You’ll make a statement wherever you go with the vibrant exterior. You can really express your style by choosing from the forty-two different exterior color combinations. 

On the interior, the retro wood throughout and choice of four nostalgic dinette color options will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Although the Sunray has a vintage-era vibe, this small couple’s travel trailer boasts many modern amenities. With the built-in LED television mount, Bluetooth speakers, and fully equipped kitchenette, you’ll have everything you need for a cozy date night.

This small couple’s travel trailer also maximizes space with tons of wood-paneled storage cabinets, a dinette that converts to guest sleeping space, and a wet bath.

2. Coachmen Clipper 17FQBest Couples Camper With a Murphy Bed

5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples Coachmen Clipper 17FQ Exterior
5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples Coachmen Clipper 17FQ Interior
 Coachmen Clipper 17FQ Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Nice, sizeable bathroom for a travel trailer this size

⛔ Dinette proximity to bed creates a hip-banging possibility without the Murphy bed option

  • Length: 20.4 ft.
  • UVW: 3,064 lbs.
  • CCC: 766 lbs.
  • GVWR: 3,830 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 330 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-3

The Coachman Clipper 17FQ is another lightweight option on our list of the top 5 best travel trailers for couples.  We love this travel trailer’s floor plan for young couples because there is a lot of room to grow. 

One of the unique space-saving features is the optional Murphy bed in place of the standard queen. This Clipper’s floorplan is one of the few travel trailers under 21 feet that has both a living room and a bedroom space.

When the Murphy bed is in day mode, you’ll love all of the extra floor space, allowing you to easily move around the inside of the camper.

Another great feature of the Clipper is the rear bathroom, which spans the entire width of this small couple’s travel trailer.  Not only is there a large shower stall, and ample bathroom storage, but the Clipper boasts one of the most expansive vanities we’ve seen.  Your toothbrush and hairdryer are in no danger of rolling off the oversized vanity countertop.

It’s also worth noting that although we consider this camper one of the best travel trailers for couples, the dinette converts to a third sleeping space, which would be perfect for a young child.

With the openness of the floor plan, ample storage, and a dinette bed, this camper is a great option for a young couple looking to purchase a travel trailer that can grow with their family.

3. Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 212QBBest Non-Slideout Couples Camper

5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 212QB Exterior
5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 212QB Interior
Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 212QB Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Huge back window brings a wonderful, outside aesthetic to dining and relaxation

⛔ It’s a camp queen, so not the residential size newbie couple RVers are used to

  • Length: 25.7 ft.
  • UVW: 4,240 lbs.
  • CCC: 1,260 lbs.
  • GVWR: 5,500 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 470 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2-4

Many will find the Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 212QB is one of the best non-slide-out travel trailers for couples. The simplicity of this camper is what makes it a great fit for so many couples. 

The ease of set-up and take-down means more flexibility for weekend warriors, those who love to tailgate, or even road trippers who aspire to stay somewhere new every night. 

We love this travel trailer’s floorplan for couples, in part because the bathroom is right there when you enter the camper. This not only helps you avoid tracking dirt throughout your camper but also makes pit stops on travel days super convenient.

The Jay Flight’s floor plan is also great because it accommodates both a dinette and a jackknife sofa. These separate eating and lounging areas make this camper feel homier, while at the same time offering an additional two sleeping spaces.

Young couples won’t have to trade up because the SLX8 212QB is perfect for those who become growing families. The convertible furniture on the opposite side of the travel trailer makes the RV a split-bedroom floor plan.

The tub-style shower is ideal for toddlers, and the privacy curtain gives you that “closed-door” feel.

4. CrossRoads Zinger 299REBest Luxury Travel Trailer for Couples

5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples CrossRoads Zinger 299RE Exterior
5 Small Camper Trailers for Couples CrossRoads Zinger 299RE Interior
 CrossRoads Zinger 299RE Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Plenty of space and storage options for couples with dogs or who just love space

⛔ Decor and interior aesthetic is a little sterile but you can fix it with some TLC

  • Length: 33.9 ft.
  • UVW: 7,106 lbs.
  • CCC: 2,604 lbs.
  • GVWR: 9,710 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 914 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2-4

The CrossRoads Zinger 299RE is one of the best luxury travel trailers for couples on the market. Weighing in at nearly 10,000 lbs. and measuring over thirty-three feet, this is the largest of our top 5 travel trailers for couples. 

As you might expect, the Zinger’s larger size means that it comes with all the bells and whistles you could want in a travel trailer for full-time living.

When you walk into the Zinger’s living space, you will immediately notice the giant slide-out that houses the U-shaped dinette and reclining sofa. But what you may not notice right away is the space for a washer and dryer, large wardrobes, and the king-sized bed in the owner’s bedroom. 

You’ll also be impressed by additional luxuries like the built-in wine cooler, mood lighting, and entertainment center with a fireplace and space for a 50-inch TV. 

This travel trailer is perfect for couples who enjoy a nice date night, but what date night is complete without a fancy dinner? The spacious L-shaped kitchen has everything you’ll need to create a five-star meal. But the pièce de résistance is the hidden walk-in pantry, which is perfectly suited for all your top-chef-inspired ingredients.

With so many next-level features, it’s easy to see why the Zinger is one of the best luxury travel trailers for couples.

5. Keystone Cougar 25RDSMost Spacious Couples Camper

5 Small Camper Trailers For Couples Keystone Cougar 25RDS Exterior
5 Small Camper Trailers For Couples Keystone Cougar 25RDS Interior
Keystone Cougar 25RDS Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Theater seating and dining in the entertainment area is spacious and excellent

⛔ Leaf spring suspension is wishy-washy

  • Length: 29.83 ft.
  • UVW: 6,303 lbs.
  • CCC: 2,497 lbs.
  • GVWR: 8,800 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 835 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2-6

The last, and one of the largest campers, on our list of the top 5 best travel trailers for couples is the Keystone Cougar 25RDS. With its large slide-out, it’s no surprise that the Cougar has tons of room for extra features, making it one of the most spacious travel trailers under 30 ft.

There are many reasons we think that the Cougar has one of the best travel trailer floor plans for couples who want a lot of space. Not only is there an option for a sleeper sofa in the slide, but this is one of the few travel trailers with a rear U-shaped dinette. 

This unique layout makes for a very open floor plan while providing for additional sleeping spaces. The Cougar is an excellent choice for couples who plan to grow their family or have frequent visitors. To see even more unique trailer floor plans, check out our article called 10 Incredibly Unique Travel Trailer Floor Plans.

The Cougar’s floorplan is also an exceptional choice because of the large, pass-through bathroom that separates the living area and the owner’s bedroom. The bedroom in the Cougar has the privacy of a separate entrance and the luxury of a king-sized bed.  

Couples who are looking for a travel trailer for extended living will appreciate every aspect of the Cougar’s floor plan.

How Much Are Travel Trailers For Couples?

Again, this depends. What one couple wants in needs is often far different from what another couple wants and needs. For instance, there’s a large disparity between the above Sunset Park 149 ($8,900 Average Retail for the 2017 model) and the CrossRoads Zinger 299RE ($20,250 Average Retail for the 2020 model).

The more you want, in terms of features and upgrades, the higher the cost. From the small teardrops to the 30-footers, expect a price anywhere between $4,000 and $25,000. Quite a disparity, huh? The thing is, there’s really no way to answer the question without knowing what specific couples want in an RV to best accommodate them.

What Size Travel Trailer Can You Tow With An SUV?

[embedded content]

For the most part, SUVs will pull between 1,500 and 5,000 lbs. That includes most of the SUVs for sale in America. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. The Jeep Wagoneer is capable of towing 10,000 lbs, with the Ford Expedition not far behind.

Cadillac Escalades, GMC Yukons, Toyota Sequoias, Dodge Durangos, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and Lincoln Navigators are a handful of SUVs capable of towing more than 5,000 lbs.

Final Words About Travel Trailers for Couples

 Used travel trailers for couples are a dime a dozen. However, there are good options and bad options. The travel trailers on the list above are perfect for couples and we made sure there were multiple sizes for you to look at.

Whether you’re looking to boondock out there in the wilderness or socialize throughout the campgrounds dotted across the U.S., these five travel trailers represent some outstanding options in the industry. If you find one for sale locally, be sure to check it out!

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