5 Best RV Tow Dollies For Towing Your Car

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Want to bring another vehicle with you camping, instead of having to drive your RV everywhere on your next trip? Then there’s a simple solution: towing another vehicle along with you. There are a variety of ways to do so, with one great option being RV tow dollies.

Let’s take a closer look at tow dollies, how they work, and what the best RV tow dollies on the market are right now. 

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What Are RV Tow Dollies?

U Haul tow dolly beside a building
U-Haul not only has moving trucks for rent

You use a tow dolly to tow another vehicle behind your RV. The dolly secures the front wheels of the vehicle, while the rear wheels stay on the ground.

This is mostly used to tow front-wheel drive vehicles, but it can also be used for rear-wheel drive vehicles if you take proper precautions. 

Is Flat Towing And Dolly Towing The Same?

Flat towing, also known as dinghy towing or four-down towing, is not the same as dolly towing

With flat towing, all four wheels remain on the road while towing, and the vehicle is connected to your RV with a tow bar. You’ll need to have a tow bar installed on the vehicle you’ll be towing beforehand. 

Nearly any vehicle can be flat towed, but some automatic transmission vehicles may need a lube pump installed before towing. Check your user manual to see if this is the case before flat towing.

Most all-wheel drive and 4×4 drivetrain vehicles cannot be easily flat towed, but it can be possible, in many cases requiring you to disconnect the drivetrain. 

Dolly towing, meanwhile, simply requires you to hitch up the tow dolly and drive your car up onto it. This is ideal for front-wheel drive vehicles, as the wheels on the ground aren’t connected to the drive shaft, so you don’t have to worry about excess wear. 

However, dolly towing is less ideal for other types of drivetrains. While it is possible to dolly tow a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you may need to tow it in reverse or disconnect the drivetrain beforehand. Most all-wheel drive and 4×4 drivetrain vehicles cannot be dolly towed either. 

5 Best RV Tow Dollies For Towing Your Car

Now that we know about RV tow dollies, let’s look at the best one you can buy right now. 

1. Demco KarKaddy SS

Demco KarKaddy SS RV tow dollies

The first RV tow dolly on our list is the Demco KarKaddy SS

This tow dolly has a unique foldable design, allowing it to go from 133 inches long when extended to only 67 inches when folded up to store away. This makes it easy to store and helps you save space at your campsite. 

This tow dolly also features a hydraulic surge brake system with disc brakes, for safe and controlled stopping. It includes chrome wheels with radial tires and dual safety chains, plus sealed bearing hubs backed by a 3-year unlimited warranty. 

The dolly has a hitch weight of under 100 lbs when loaded, providing improved ride and handling for your tow vehicle. The dolly is rated for a total towed vehicle weight of 4,800 lbs, with an axle capacity of 3,500 lbs. The tread width goes from 42” minimum to 76” maximum. 

A variety of options are available for the KarKaddy, including:

  • A sentry deflector to protect your towed vehicle from road debris
  • A spare tire mount
  • A wireless LED light bar
  • A steering wheel strap
  • A loading winch with a strap assembly

You can assemble the KarKaddy yourself or purchase it pre-assembled.

2. Croft GT400

 Croft GT400 RV tow dollies

The next RV tow dolly on our list is the Croft GT400.

This tow dolly features a redesigned low-profile tray and a tilt bed with a positive automatic locking mechanism. This makes it easier to load and unload vehicles, particularly low-profile vehicles such as many sedans. A galvanized steel frame provides strength and durability.

The Croft GT400 also features an independent torsion suspension, pivoting turntable, and 5th wheel pivoting design. This provides a smooth towing experience and exceptional cornering so you can maneuver more easily (no more worrying about hitting the curb!).

This dolly also includes LED lighting standard, plus no lubrication required sealed hubs with a 3-year warranty. 

The Croft GT400 has two coupler options, with slightly different capacities:

  • The H3BOS coupler can handle a max weight of 4,250 lbs for both RWD and FWD vehicles
  • The 13689-95 coupler can handle a max weight of 5,000 lbs for RWD vehicles and 4,500 lbs for FWD vehicles. 

The axle capacity is 3,500 lbs. The minimum vehicle tread width is 42”, while the max is 76”. The Croft GT400 is shipped disassembled, so you’ll have to put it together yourself before using it. 

3. Roadmaster Adjustable Tow Dolly

Roadmaster Adjustable RV Tow Dollies

At number three on our list is the Roadmaster Adjustable Tow Dolly

This RV tow dolly features slideable easy-load ramps, which allow you to quickly adjust the dolly to almost any car, no matter the size. Plus, a unique TrueGrip laser-cut pattern on the ramps provides extra traction for safer loading and unloading. 

The dolly also features Accu-Lube hubs, which allow you to easily repack the wheel bearings with a grease gun. Built-in electric brakes make for safer stopping, while the deck swivels 9 degrees for better maneuverability. 

The maximum weight rating for this dolly is 4,250 lbs, with a minimum tire width of 34” and a max tire width of 77”. The dolly comes unassembled but can be easily put together in about an hour. 

Several accessories are available for the Roadmaster dolly, including:

  • A spare tire carrier
  • The Guardian, which protects the towed vehicle against damage from rocks and road debris
  • Adjustable TieDown straps and a Tie Down ratchet
  • Magnetic tow lights

4. Master Tow 77T

Master Tow 77T RV tow dollies

Coming in at number four on our list is the Master Tow 77T

This sturdy RV tow dolly ¼” thick polyethylene fenders, eliminate metal fatigue problems common to steel fenders. It also features waterproof LED lights mounted with an exclusive retainer system that ensures they stay securely attached. 

The ramp and carrying pan of the dolly are tilted rearward for easier loading and feature a raised tread grip pattern for extra traction. The dolly is also equipped with computer-balanced radial tires and wheels, which ensures a smooth ride.

The dolly also has a factory-molded plug-together wiring harness, which eliminates the need for wire splices which are prone to corrosion and shorts. The company backs every Master Tow dolly with a 1-year warranty.

The max weight for the Master Tow 77T is 4,250 lbs, and the vehicle tread width goes from 40” to 75”. 

A number of options and accessories are available for the Master Tow 77T, including:

  • An electric brakes break-away kit
  • Electric & surge drum brakes
  • A spare tire mount kit
  • Towed vehicle secure chains
  • A bolt-on winch kit
  • A magnetic light kit. 

5. Tow Smart 

Tow Smart RV tow dollies

Last but not least on our list of RV tow dollies is the Tow Smart tow dolly

This dolly has a unique space-saving design, allowing it to be folded and stood upright for easy storage. This makes it easy to find space for the Tow Smart dolly almost anywhere, whether storing or just making space at your campsite.

The frame is also lightweight, meaning one person can easily maneuver it, set it up, and store it on their own. 

This dolly comes with two adjustable removable ramps so you can easily tow a variety of low-profile vehicles. The ramps are heavy-duty and lightweight and can be set up to accommodate a variety of different wheelbases. 

The Tow Smart dolly is available with a variety of brake types, including:

  • Electric brakes are ideal for vehicles with an in-cab electric brake control device, and for preventing trailer-sway in high winds or when going downhill. 
  • Surge brakes, which are self-contained and don’t require a control device. These are great if you don’t expect conditions that create trailer sway, and they’re ideal for lighter loads as well
  • Disc brakes are highly efficient brakes that are ideal for heavy loads. 

This tow dolly is rated for a maximum of 5,000 lbs and can be purchased unassembled or assembled. 

How Much Can An RV Tow Dolly Tow?

Class A motorhome towing a jeep through the desert
RV tow dollies allow you to have the best of both worlds

The exact amount your RV tow dolly can tow varies quite a bit from model to model. While the high-end tow dollies can handle up to 5000 lbs or so, your typical tow dolly will usually be somewhere in the 3,500 lbs to 4,500 lbs range. 

It’s essential to never exceed the weight rating of your RV tow dolly. This will overload the dolly and can lead to damage to both the dolly and the towed vehicle. Worse, it can potentially create a safety hazard and lead to injury to yourself or others on the road. 

Can You Tow A Rear Wheel Drive Car On A Dolly?

It is possible to tow a rear-wheel drive car on your RV tow dolly. However, you’ll have to do it properly to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Because of the way a rear-wheel drive train works, towing it with the front wheels up can damage the transmission. Because the drive wheels are still on the ground, the different parts of the drive train will move, but will not receive the lubrication they usually do when driving. This will then lead to increased friction, overheating, and damage.

One common way to avoid this is to tow a RWD car with the rear wheels on the dolly instead of the front wheels. This solves the problem with the drive wheels being on the ground, but it won’t work for every RWD vehicle.

For example, some vehicles may not have the proper clearance to do this without damaging the front of the car. Always check your car’s manual before attempting to dolly tow it. 

If towing in reverse isn’t an option, it is still possible to tow a RWD car with a tow dolly. But to do so, you’ll need to disconnect the drive train. While this isn’t hugely difficult, it’s also not exactly easy.

So unless you’re mechanically inclined, we recommend leaving this to a mechanic. Once you’ve towed the vehicle to your destination, you’ll need to reconnect the drive train in order to be able to drive it. 

Can You Back Up With A Tow Dolly?

[embedded content]
RV tow dollies vs. flat towing: Which is better?

Backing up when towing anything is a challenge, and tow dollies are no different. While it is possible, it will require some careful practice to get right. It can be quite hard to see a small vehicle behind a large RV, making it easy to accidentally damage something. And even without this caveat, maneuvering in reverse with a tow dolly is no simple task. 

If you want to attempt to back up with a tow dolly, it’s highly recommended to use a spotter. Also, you’ll mostly be limited to going straight back; trying to do any turning while backing up with a tow dolly is extremely difficult, and your towed vehicle is unlikely to cooperate. 

If at all possible, though, it is recommended to avoid backing up with a tow dolly, and many manufacturers will explicitly tell you not to do it. Instead, consider disconnecting everything, repositioning your RV and towed vehicle, and then reattaching. It will take more time, but it’s ultimately a simpler option that’s far less likely to damage anything. 

Final Thoughts About RV Tow Dollies

RV tow dollies are a popular and effective way to tow a vehicle behind your RV. They hitch onto your RV, and then two wheels (usually the front two) of your towed vehicle are placed onto the dolly, and it is secured in place. 

They’re especially useful for front-wheel drive vehicles, which can be towed on a tow dolly without any extra preparation. Rear-wheel drive vehicles can also be towed but will need to be towed in reverse or have the drive train disconnected. 

Generally speaking, most tow dollies can handle somewhere between 3,500 lbs and 5,000 lbs, which is enough to accommodate most commonly towed vehicles.

With our list of the best RV tow dollies, you’re sure to find the right one for what you want to tow. And once you have it, you’ll be able to take your next RV trip to a whole other level. 

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