12 All-Purpose Pull-On Boots (That Aren’t Blundstone)

At this point, if you don’t own a pair of Blundstones, do you even go outside? The iconic Australian work boot is everywhere—it’s even now available in clog form! And for good reason. They slide on easy, protect against the elements, and look damn fine with just about any outfit. But they’re everywhere. The secret is well out. So we went digging for the best Blundestone dupes.

After losing a single Blunnie in a ski hill parking lot in winter 2019 (don’t ask, I have no idea how it happened either), I decided to expand my horizons and search out an alternative all-purpose pull-on boot. Below is what I found—a growing list our Editorial Team continues to update every few months.

The following list of the best Blundstone boot alternatives cover all the basis, from Chelsea boot suitable for city life to heavy duty, job-site approved work boots, from handmade in Australia to designed in Oregon, and so on. Forget the Original 500 vs Super 550 debate. Ditch the Blundstone. Be your own person and embrace a better pull-on boot this season. (Bonus points for pairing with some heavy-duty double-knees.)

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The 12 Best Blundstone Alternative Boots for Men & Women

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