What Do RVers Need Technical Assistance with the Most?

What Do RVers Need Technical Assistance with the Most?

Contrary to popular industry belief, RV owners are using their RV’s more and more on a year round basis. This can be attributed to a number of factors including the post pandemic surge of RV owners, the increased number of RV owners who are living in their RV’s either full time or close to that, and the most recent trend of RVing as a more standard practice of vacationing.

Specialized Dispatch Services (SDS) currently provides services to a large number of RV-owning households, which is growing daily. This gives us a unique insight into the problems and issues that RVer’s are experiencing.

To help the industry best plan and prepare for service and support needs, SDS will be providing quarterly updates that identify the most frequent reasons RV owners are seeking technical assistance and, at times, physical service.

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