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LAKE COUNTRY, B.C. – Voyager RV Centre marked its 40th anniversary with the continuation of its Voyager Cares Initiative throughout 2024, according to a release. This year, they’re not only celebrating four decades of serving the community but also strengthening their commitment to giving back, with a renewed running total goal of $240,000 in Voyager Cares donations.  Within a seven-day span in June, Voyager RV donated a total of $54,200 spread between three different local charitable organizations – Kelowna Women’s Shelter, Central Okanagan Food Bank and KGH Foundation.

A Heartfelt Cause – How it Works

Once again, this year, when a customer purchases a new or used RV from Voyager RV, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity. But there’s an exciting twist this year – the customers themselves get to choose where part of the donation will go from our list of six deserving local charities. The remaining donation amount is equally distributed among the other charities, ensuring that all receive support.

“It’s a simple concept, but it works really well because our staff and now our customers get to be a huge part of it,” said Jason Friesen, Voyager RV’s vice president. “From our employees working hard to find, sell, service and clean the RVs each month, to our loyal customer base who end up choosing us as their RV dealer of choice.  It all leads to these substantial donation amounts. It’s a pretty cool experience for all.”

Voyager’s $240,000 total running donation goal for year-end 2024 is ambitious, yet achievable. Friesen added, “We really just want to thank everyone in the community for all the support they’ve given us over the past 40 years. These donations are a small way for us to say a big thank you to all!”

Specific Donation Success Stories

Kelowna Women’s Shelter – Voyager RV recently had the privilege of presenting the Kelowna Women’s Shelter with a cheque for $18,020 as part of the Voyager Cares Initiative. During Hana’s presentation, she said, “Domestic violence remains a significant issue, affecting approximately 44% of women in the Central Okanagan. The shelter’s programs have shown incredible success, with 96% of those who moved out of their support accommodations avoiding a return to their abusers. Every contribution counts: for example, $2,000 can cover a month’s worth of groceries, and $1,800 can provide a week of outreach services. Your ongoing support and open dialogue are crucial in raising awareness and encouraging those in need to seek help.”

Central Okanagan Community Food Bank – Last week, Voyager RV had the honour of surprising the Central Okanagan Community Food Bank with a $19,420 donation. RayAnn said, “The Food Bank serves over 32 different food banks in the interior of BC and feeds over 12,000 people a month. They are trying to give people a hand-up and allow them to establish themselves in their lives. Donations like this really help keep our programs going, and it means the world to us. We would not be able to do the things we do without the generosity of people like Voyager RV”.

KGH Foundation – Voyager RV presented a cheque to the KGH Foundation on June 19th. For 45 years, the KGH Foundation has been the bridge between a generous community and advancing excellence in health care in the interior of BC. Carly, the KGH Foundation’s director of brand experience, talked about what the $16,760 means to their organization. “This allocation will target the most critical areas of necessity, contributing to our $40 million fundraising campaign. The funds will support projects at the forefront, often serving as the cornerstone for uplifting other initiatives that are indispensable for our progress.”

What’s Next?

For the second half of this year, those who purchase an RV from Voyager will choose from the following charities as to where the proceeds from the purchase go: Child Advocacy Centre, Autism Okanagan or BC Diabetes Foundation.

For more information about the Voyager Cares campaign, contact Voyager RV Vice President Jason Friesen at 250-766-4607 or [email protected] or General Manager Ward Fraser at [email protected]