Tredit’s Missy Rogers: A Drive for Customer Service

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a News & Insights report by the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

Missy Rogers’ extensive customer service experience has made her a driving force at Tredit Tire and Wheel. Initially starting with the company in 2005, Missy is now their Director of National Accounts, where she supports Tredit’s Account Managers, customer relationships, and products and services.

Although her career didn’t initially begin in the RV industry, Missy grew up in the small town of Delton, MI exploring the outdoors. “I was raised around RVers and campers,” she explained. “That’s what my entire family and many of our friends did, living in southwest Michigan.”

Missy now has a family of her own; she’s been married to her high school sweetheart for 30 years and has two adult children. “We moved to Indiana in 1992 where we raised our two beautiful daughters,” she says. “We now have two wonderful grandsons that we love spending time with and look forward to watching grow up.” She notes that, although she was a stay-at-home mother when her children were young, she eventually returned to the workplace, spending a decade in retail: “I enjoy customer service and working with people.”

Missy Rogers

Because of her extensive retail experience, a neighbor who worked at Tredit Tire and Wheel, the leading distributor of tires and wheels in North America, encouraged her to apply for an available sales position at the company. “He told me that Tredit was growing and that they had an opening in their inside sales department. He thought I would be a good fit for their team,” she explained. Although Missy was initially concerned that she wasn’t familiar with the product, she quickly overcame any hesitation. “It seemed like an unfamiliar world— I didn’t know much about tires and wheels, but I was super excited about the job opportunity.”

Missy notes that she started the job shortly after Hurricane Katrina had hit the Gulf of Mexico. “I learned very quickly about the tires and the wheels and why they need to be safe, good quality products. It was a very busy time to start but I just pulled up my bootstraps and jumped in.” Missy adds that her team supported her right from the beginning: “I had a ton of support from the Tredit team. They trained me and helped me learn their products and how important of a safety feature they are.”

She climbed the corporate ladder quickly, being promoted to Inside Sales Manager in Elkhart, IN after a year, where she worked closely with many of Tredit Tire and Wheel’s larger accounts. “I helped to support our Outside Sales Team with quoting, managing order entry, customer service calls, and warranty. I was also a liaison between our Sales and our Material Management and Operations teams.”

After a few years in this role, Missy was given the opportunity to leave the facility to meet customers as part of the Outside Sales team. “I really liked getting out, meeting the people I had talked to so many times, and seeing the products our customers were building that relied on our tires to get them down the road. This just fueled my love for this job. Just like in my retail career, customer service is what drives me.”

Eventually, Missy was promoted again to National Accounts Manager before later becoming the Director of National Accounts, where she now works closely with Tredit’s executive team. “We are hyper-focused on constant improvement through tactical and strategic meetings,” she said. “More than ever, we are working as a cohesive team, and we all have the same goals of upholding our core values of people, integrity, collaboration, and respect. When we do this, we are taking good care of our team, vendor partners, and their families. We’re partnering with the best customers that understand and appreciate how hard we work for their teams and families.”

In her role, Missy focuses on supporting Tredit’s three National Account Managers. “I’m helping them continue to build on the current relationships we have with our nationals and constantly look for ways to improve our processes, products, and services,” Missy explained. “I keep myself in tune with each national account and I work with our teams at each location to ensure we are keeping our promises. Our job as managers is to lift up our teams, give them the tools they need, and get out of the way.”

Missy adds that Tredit is “always trying to innovate and come up with new ways to differentiate ourselves. We pride ourselves on safety and maintaining the best quality products that we can provide.”

Along with her responsibilities at Tredit, Missy is also involved in the RV Industry Association. “In March I attended the Leadership Conference in Pheonix, AZ, where we had several incredible speakers on topics that are very important to our industry,” she explained. “I was amazed at how many people are involved and how hard they all work to improve the RV industry and its people and ultimately for the RV lifestyle so many enjoy.”

Most recently, Missy has taken on a couple leadership roles with the Association. “A few months ago, our seat on the RV Industry Association’s Board of Directors came open and I was blessed to be voted into that spot for the remainder of our one-and-a-half-year term. The Association doesn’t represent just one part of the industry, which I really like,” she continues. “It’s suppliers, and manufacturers working together with dealers. I am very excited to continue to learn from the Board members and all of the folks that work hard around them to support the Association’s objectives and direction. I’m going to get more involved and see what I can do to help the industry improve and also help our company learn how much more we can do. I’m looking forward to the give and take.”

Missy has also recently joined the Sustainability Committee. “I look forward to learning more about how the RV industry can affect change for the environment and how that will help support the families that enjoy the RV lifestyle,” she says.