Up The West Coast

We were on the road quite early in the morning but then Murphy took a hand and made me lose all the air in one of my tyres. I’m a bit heavy and they couldn’t prevent the jack they were using from sinking into the […]

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Hot Springs Muster

The local ACC Rainforest Ramblers were having their June muster at the Innot Hot Springs so I decided it to go along and join them. I go through the little hamlet when coming and going to Walkamin, Qld, most years. As usual, the weather on […]

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Vantec: Protect Your Caravan

Your new caravan costs tens of thousands of dollars – and sometimes even more. Ultimately, why wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect it? That’s the way I look at products such as Vantec. I have been aware of Vantec, which is essentially a protective […]

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