Suburban Offers Bottle Adapter for Elite Series Griddles – RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

DAYTON, Tenn. – SUBURBAN, an AIRXCEL brand, introduces a new 1-pound bottle adapter for its Elite Series Griddles. The piece allows RV owners to quickly change propane sources for their griddle from the RV propane system to a portable 1-pound bottle. With the new bottle adapter, Suburban griddles can be used in RV kitchens or transported to picnic areas, tailgating lots, beaches, campgrounds, or anywhere else where propane grills are permitted.

“Our customers are taking their families in their RVs to spend time outside, exploring nature. We want our customers to have the flexibility to take their griddles out of their RVs and use them wherever propane grills are permitted,” said Mike Phillips, general manager of Suburban. “This 1-pound bottle adapter makes it easy to switch your griddle’s propane system with just a couple of quick steps.”

Suburban’s new griddle accessories will be available with the 18- and 23-inch Elite Series Griddle. Dealers and retail outlets interested in learning more about Suburban’s griddle accessories should reach out to their Suburban sales rep.

About Suburban: Suburban is a preeminent manufacturer of RV water heaters, furnaces, and galley appliances including indoor and outdoor kitchens, cooktops, ovens and ranges. Suburban has been located in Dayton, Tennessee, for over 75 years, joining the Airxcel family of brands in 1998.

About Airxcel, Inc.: Airxcel is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of the most critically functional products for the RV industry. Headquartered in Wichita, Kan., the Airxcel family of brands includes 16 companies with 14 facilities across the U.S. and Europe.