‘StressLess Camping’ Podcast Marks 200th Episode

Tony and Peggy Barthel of StressLess Camping

Hearing the same customer questions while working at an RV dealership, Tony Barthel, together with his wife and co-host Peggy Barthel, started the StressLess Camping RV podcast to help RVers get more joy out of their RVs. Today, the StressLess Camping RV podcast celebrates its 200th episode, according to a release.

With the goal of serving listeners, the StressLess Camping RV podcast has hosted industry notables, talked about hidden camping gems, offered deals, discounts, hints, hacks and more. With several hundred thousand downloads the podcast has become a hit with its ever-growing core audience as evidenced by gatherings and interaction on various social platforms.

“We just have one simple goal – to serve listeners with useful information that will help them turn getting outdoors into StressLess Camping,” said Peggy Barthel.

“Our initial intent was to take the questions I heard over and over at the dealership and create one resource where people could get answers,” echoed Tony Barthel.

In addition to the podcast, the StressLess Camping website features hacks and hints to make the Great American RV Adventure into a StressLess Camping journey. There are curated deals and discounts, tips and tricks, maintenance reminders and more.

One of the other unique aspects of the website are the popular recipes, which stem from Peggy and Tony also having owned a bed and breakfast. It’s clear that this couple can’t sit still.

Also on the website, Peggy employs her Masters in Geology to share stories about travel geology, finding unique adventures in the journey.

Tony has shared his experience in the RV industry as both an RV salesman and warranty administrator with his Honest RV reviews section, which has also proven quite popular.

Of course, there are whole segments of the StressLess Camping website that assist people in the RV buying process, in understanding their RVs, finding great places to take them, and even meal and recipe ideas. The StressLess Camping website is a positive look at the world of RVing and ways to make it more enjoyable and, yes, StressLess.

The couple have also appeared at a variety of conventions and gatherings with presentations on RV topics including boondocking, safety, technology, and more.

You can find the StressLess Camping podcast website at www.stresslesscamping.com.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/stressless-camping-podcast-marks-200th-episode/